This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

PlayerData - Keep track of your players!

  • Records every login time and IP
  • Allows you to view when a player was last seen and when the player was first seen.
  • List all players who have ever joined your server, in order of last seen, or in order of first seen.
  • See what a player's DisplayName was last
  • User friendly interface to look up usernames. Supply the partial username or displayname of any player (online or offline), and get a list of all possible matches!
  • Optionally find the player's rank, and displays that on user info.


I haven't had the time to maintain PlayerData on BukkitDev lately, mostly due to other projects and school. It should still work with the latest bukkit, and I may still maintain the github repo, but I won't be maintaining this bukkit dev page for a while, at least till summer probably.

It should still work, I just can't commit myself to working on this project more right now when I don't have time.


To install PlayerData, simply download the PlayerData.jar file and put it into your plugin folder! After you restart your server PlayerData will automatically create a new Database containing all players that have ever joined your server.

  • PlayerData v4.0.0 works with 1.4.7, 1.5.1, 1.5.2, 1.6.1 and 1.6.2.
  • Do not download versions before v4.0.0 as they contain crucial bugs.


  • You can substitute /pd with /playerdata, /pdata, /playerd or /playerdata:playerdata.
  • You can substitute /gu with /getusername, /gusername, /getu or /playerdata:getusername.
  • Format: <Required Parameter> [Optional Parameter] command\aliasforcommand.
Command & AliasesDescription
/gu <Partial Name>Gives you the 10 first found players who have the given name in their username or displayname.
/pd <SubCommand>Base command for PlayerData. Use one of the subcommands below.
/pd help\?Displays command help. Basically this info but with pretty colors.
/pd viewinfo\i <Player>Finds a player who's name contains the given name, and displays all availible info on that player.
/pd list\l [page]Lists all players who have ever joined the server in order of last seen.
/pd listfirst\lf [page]Lists all players who have ever joined this server in order of first join.
/pd iplookup\ip <Player>Displays all different IPs a player has used.
/pd ipreverselookup\ipr <IP>Displays all players who have ever logged in use the given IP.
/pd save-allSaves all PlayerDatas to file. PlayerData automatically does this every shutdown.

For example command output, head over to Command Examples


Gives access to all PlayerData commands
children:, playerdata.viewinfo, playerdata.list, playerdata.set, playerdata.admin
default: false
Allows you to use /pd (Required for all sub commands)
defaults to true
Allows you to use /pd i
defaults to true
Allows you to use /pd list
defaults to true
PlayerData Admin. This command allows for use of commands that can erase the whole database. It is recommended to not give this permission to anyone, and only allow this from console.
defaults to false
Allows you to list Player Data in order of first join
defaults to true
Allows you to look up what IPs a player has used
defaults to false
Allows you to look up all Players who have used an IP
defaults to false


PlayerData's source is publicly available on GitHub: Github/PlayerData

Plugin Metrics

PlayerData has PluginMetrics embeded as of v3.1!
PluginMetrics sends anonymous data to on PlayerData's usage!
Click the graph below to see all data gathered.
Plugin Metrics Current Data
We highly recommend not opting out of this data collection, however if you do want to opt out you can change opt-out to true in /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml.


  • Make API documentation
  • Allow for looking through login/logout logs.
  • Create side-plugin that stores a list of nicks that each player has used.

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