This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Keeps track of all your players using mySQL or SQLite, and optionally connects to the major global ban databases.

If you know a developer interested in taking over this project, please contact me!

  • Discover alternate accounts by IP-matching with a single command.
  • Keep track of all the IP addresses a Player connects from, for easier & more complete bans.
  • Immediately identify alts of banned players (Supports UltraBans, UltraBans-Lite, FigAdmin, BanHammer, Essentials, & CommandBook).
  • Receive on-Join notifications about how many alts a player has been associated with and whether or not the player has connected with an open proxy.
  • Automatically trim database sizes to recent players!
  • Can show a player's ISP (hostmask) and approximate geolocation.
  • Easy-to-install Web-Interface! (Web-Tracker)
  • Easy setup: drag, drop, and go, or fine tune your configuration. =====NO===== configuration necessary!
  • Wildcard search matching, even with offline players!
  • Don't want glizer/Minebans/MCBans/MCBouncer managing your bans? This plugin can allow you to look up any player on these three systems without relying on their plugins!
  • Hide certain players/IPs from lookups (Admins, VIPs, whatever) to avoid having their alts discovered!
  • Check out the screenshots page for examples!


Drag Player-Tracker.jar into your plugins directory, and run. Further configuration only necessary if you want to use mySQL, Minebans, glizer, MCBans, or MCBouncer integration. That's it.

/track [-agir] <PLAYERNAME or IP ADDRESS or "stats" or "help">

Shows all the accounts associated with a given IP or player. (-i will display all associated IPs as well, -a disables wildcard searching, -g attempts to geolocate the player and display his/her ISP, -r enables recursive searching (may take some time for some searches) ) /track stats will show the number of tracked accounts & IPs. /track help will show a similar message to this.

Permisson node: playertracker.track

/hidetracks <PLAYERNAME or IP ADDRESS or "list">

Adds a given player/IP to the list of players/IPs immune to lookups, or lists hidden players.

Permission node: playertracker.hidetracks

/unhidetracks <PLAYERNAME or IP ADDRESS>

Removes a given player/IP from the list of players/IPs immune to lookups.

Permission node: playertracker.hidetracks


Check out the configuration page


Check out the permissions page

Web Interface Available

If you use a mySQL database with PlayerTracker, you can hook up to your database on the web! Simply install the Web-Tracker script from my github, and configure the mysql variables and go! For an example of the Web-Tracker in action, check out the screenshots page. Now sporting a beautiful InfoVis chart to help you identify the linkages between various accounts! Click here to download WebTracker!

Planned Improvements:
  • Fix to use the bukkit GSON library instead of including org.json library in the jar.
  • Fix any outstanding bugs
  • Enable one-stop banning of all alt accounts of a player.
  • Limit/secure the number of alt accounts per IP.
  • Prevent players from joining if they are connecting via proxy.
  • Enable sending of global bans?
  • Even more server security scans.


Jenkins CI server with latest dev builds coming soon!


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