What is Stacker?

Stacker is a plugin that makes you enable to stack other player on you! You just have to rightclick a player to set him as your passanger. You can throw you passanger away when you don't want him any more or he leaves from alone. This plugin is configurable, has a lots of permissions and is good to have some fun.



  • /stacker help Shows the help for stacker
  • /stacker on Enable stackmode (you can stack and get stacked)
  • /stacker on <player> Enable stackmode for an other player
  • /stacker off Disables stackmode
  • /stacker off <player> Disable stackmode for an other player
  • /stacker list Lists the player who are in stackmode
  • /stacker about Shows some infos about the plugin


  • stacker.stack Makes able to stack a player
  • stacker.throw Makes able to throw a passanger
  • stacker.turnon Gives access to /stack on
  • stacker.turnonother Gives access to /stack on <player>
  • stacker.turnoff Gives access to /stacker off
  • stacker.turnofftother Gives access to /stack off <player>
  • Gives access to /stacker help
  • stacker.list Gives access to /stacker list
  • stacker.notstackable Player is not stackable by a player
  • stacker.notthrowable Player is nit throwable for a player


  • defaultOn: boolean Should stackmode be enabled for a player on join?
  • showMessages: boolean Should messages should be shown when a player is not stackable or somthing like that?
  • disableOnWorlds: In this worlds stacker will be disabled!
  • throwStrength: integer Sets the throwstrength/width (leftclick with a passenger) Note: Set it to -1 to teleport the passanger to the stacker on throw Set it to 0 to just eject the passanger


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