Player LastSeen

This plugin broadcasts a message across the server whenever a user logs on, showing how long it's been since they last played on the server. It also has a command to check this, and it improves the user quit message.


  • Announces when a user joins the server for the first time.
  • announces how long it's been since a player was seen on the server similar to how it is on empireminecraft example

How to Use

Step 1: Download and put in servers plugin folder.

Step 2: Startup your server and it works!

Step 3: Setup permissions. By default all players receive the message but not all can use the command.

Step 3: You can even use /lastseen <playername> to see when a user was last seen from the moment you type the command.


  • need ideas


If you are having an issue with the plugin please submit a ticket to our issue tracker. If you post your problem below I cannot guarantee a fast and efficient response or solution. Plus if you visit the issue tracker you may find there is already a solution to your problem.



-added support for bukkit 1.7.2(still works with 1.6.4)

-changed the way the logout time is stored so players will have to log out/in one time for it to display correctly.

-made the logic work faster

-fixed extra spaces in default messages.

-fixed the /lastseen <playername> command

-fixed the wrong message showing on new player join

-marks the time the player has been playing on the server by recording his first join date and time. (if not installed at the begining of the server it will default to when this was installed to this version) THis feature will be added mroe in-depth in a future update hopefully.

- fixed the version error. It seems this is a common one for me.

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