Usage/Permissions (4.x-5.x)

Permissions (4.x-5.x)

Permissions are values applied to users on your server which allow them to perform or access certain actions.  These are controlled by your choice of permissions plugin, or by your Bukkit server's permissions.yml file.


Node Default Description Version Added
playerheads.config.get op read-only access to configs
playerheads.config.set op can edit configs or reload from disk
playerheads.spawn op can spawn any playername head for self
playerheads.spawn.own op can spawn only your own head for self
playerheads.spawn.forother op can spawn any playername head into someone elses inventory
playerheads.rename op can rename any head in hand to any other head.
playerheads.rename.mob op can rename mob heads to other mob heads (using #name syntax). v4.4+
playerheads.rename.player op can rename player heads to other player heads. v4.4+
playerheads.canbehead true

can lop of someone elses head

Note: does also apply when pkonly is disabled.

playerheads.canlosehead true

can have his head lopped off

playerheads.canbeheadmob true

can remove heads from mobs

Note: does also apply when mobpkonly is disabled.

playerheads.update op when update available, can view notice and manually update
playerheads.alwaysbehead false Ignore drop rate for player heads and drop 100% of the time
playerheads.alwaysbeheadmob false Ignore drop rate for mob heads and drop 100% of the time
playerheads.clickinfo false When a head is clicked the player name or mob name will be displayed


Note: 'alwaysbehead' permissions do not bypass restrictions like 'pkonly' or 'requireitem', only drop rolls are modified to always be successful.


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