Supplemental Information/Notes about Glowstone support

Background: Glowstone (GlowstoneMC) is a fully open-source server implementation of the Bukkit and Paper APIs using all-original code - without reliance on pre-existing code/assets.


Since version 4.7, partial support for Glowstone has been attempted in this plugin, however there are some things you should be aware of that will hinder your experience using this plugin.

  • Glowstone is not feature-complete - There are many parts of the Bukkit API that are necessary for this plugin to work properly which are not fixed in Glowstone.
  • Authlib is not needed - Despite the plugin needing authlib in other implementations, the bukkit and paper API together offer alternatives that make it unnecessary here - however, the API support is not entirely complete in Glowstone as of yet.
  • Glowstone is under active development - Glowstone support and stability may change rapidly between server builds.
  • Not all versions of Glowstone can be supported - because features are constantly being added, some older versions are not possible to support by this plugin.  For example, support for custom playerheads is not fully working in builds before 2018-11-20 because of some necessary changes


So in short, if you choose to use this plugin on Glowstone (at the time of writing), you should expect many exceptions and strange behaviors that you won't see on modern Craftbukkit/Spigot/Paper.


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