Archived Information (outdated)/Legacy version Changelog (3.x)


2018-10-21 Notice: Support for 3.x has beeen discontinued currently - consider upgrading to version 4. [patch 1 for 3.12.13] (for 1.13+)

  • Fixes some issues with head detection when the owner name case changes.
  • Updates some head skins
  • Not recommended if you can use 4.x instead.

3.12.13 (for 1.13+)

  • Changes skull and head support to work against the 1.13+ API
  • Not recommended if you can use 4.x instead.

3.12.2 (for 1.12+)

  • Fixes some issues with head detection when the owner name case changes.
  • Updates some head skins
  • Adds fallthroughs for click-info so that it should now properly work and also prevents some NullPointerExceptions on interact (already part of 3.12.13 also)
  • Not recommended if you can use 4.x-backport instead.
3.12 (2017)
  • Changes to support the 1.12+ API
  • Added support for 1.12+ mobs (thanks dragoboss)

3.11 (2017)

  • Updated to Java 8
  • Updated some custom head skins
  • Fixed a NullPointerException in when formatting messages
  • Changed clickinfo from a config option to a permission
  • Ignore cancelled skull click events
  • Compiling against Spigot now (build 1649 patched with 20141001a)
  • Updated custom mob head: wolf
  • Fixed updater
  • Updated custom mob heads: ghast, sheep (Thanks Marc Watson)
  • Fixed spawn command to check for the correct permission when you type your own playername in.
  • Updated to Updater 2.0
  • Updated custom mob head: silverfish (Thanks XlexerX)
  • Added/Updated custom mob heads: mushroom cow, and magma cube (Thanks Marc Watson)
  • Added custom mob head: wolf
  • Added custom mob head: cave spider (Thanks Marc Watson)
  • Updated custom mob heads: spider, enderman, blaze, squid, irongolem, pigzombie, pig, villager, cow, chicken, ocelot (Thanks Marc Watson)
  • Added custom mob heads: chicken, ocelot, and witch (Thanks
  • Added automatic conversion from: TrophyHeads, MoreMobHeads
  • Updated custom mob head: sheep (Thanks cowboys2317)
  • Added cancellable events when a head drops. Adds PHBD-39
  • Updated mob head drops to respect the antideathchest option
  • Added custom mob heads: sheep and cow (Thanks Jknies)
  • Added support for changing CustomSkullType player account names
  • Updated custom mob head: bat (Thanks
  • Added automatic conversion from HeadDrops
  • Heads with incorrect skins will now update on player interact
  • Adds 'broadcastrange' to only broadcast within a radius. Adds PHBD-30
  • Permission node renamed to 'canlosehead'. Fixes PHBD-26
  • NCP Hook by rsod
  • Added custom mob head: pig zombie (Thanks cnaude of TrophyHeads)
  • Converted to Maven
  • Updated default drop rates
  • Added custom mob heads: snowman, and ghast (Thanks MrLeikermoser)
  • Added custom mob heads: pig, and villager (Thanks XlexerX)
  • Corrected spelling errors in lang. Fixes PHBD-24
  • Fixed control codes on built in heads name from Lang file not working properly
  • Fixed custom heads name from Lang file not updating properly after a reload
  • Added UTF-8 support for Lang files. Fixes PHBD-21
  • Added custom mob head: horse (Thanks Glompalici0us)
  • Added custom mob heads: squid, silverfish, ender dragon, slime, iron golem, mushroom cow, and bat (Thanks SethBling)
  • Fixed where custom mob heads would drop when destroyed in creative mode
  • Fixed ops getting the always* permission nodes
  • Changed update to link to curse website, removed in-game update command
  • Added optional quantity to the spawn command
  • Renamed autoupdate to updatecheck
  • Fix for anti-cheat plugin
  • Added ability to spawn or rename heads to mob/custom mob heads with format: # ex. #blaze
  • Added config "dropboringplayerheads" to drop plain heads when a player dies, instead of the player's head
  • Added permissions "playerheads.alwaysbehead" and "playerheads.alwaysbeheadmob" to ignore drop rates
  • Added "antideathchest" config
  • Added custom mob drops: blaze, enderman, and spider (Thanks SethBling).
  • Clickinfo now displays a message for mob heads also.
  • Fixed the /reload command not working under certain circumstances
  • Added "witherdroprate" config
  • Added "playerheads.spawn.forother" permission
  • Updated Metrics to the newest version
  • Externalized strings for translation (or just tweaking if you don't like my defaults)
  • Removed CraftBukkit dependency, now using ItemMeta
  • Added support for the breaking CraftBukkit update (build #2512/2513)
  • Bugfix: permissions were checked incorrectly under certain circumstances
  • Bugfix: NoSuchMethodError for people using old CB versions
  • Added functions so the CreeperHeal plugin can regenerate Skulls properly
  • Bugfix: wither skeletons should no longer drop normal skeleton heads
  • Added support for the Looting enchantment
  • Allowed the config:set command to unset a config if the value is left blank
  • Added onTabComplete for /playerheads command
  • Added "broadcast" to display a global message when someones head falls off
  • Removed BlockBreakEvent and "hookbreak"
  • Added auto update checker
  • Added ability to rightclick a skull to view it's skullOwner, when "clickinfo" is true
  • Bugfix: attepting to spawn heads from console threw a ClassCastException
  • Changed spawn command so console can use it
  • Bugfix: with any dropchance == 0, there was still a very small possibility the head would drop
  • Added config: fixcase
  • Added command to rename (change skin) of the head you're holding
  • A lot of code got refactored and separated, to make everything cleaner
  • mobs (zombie, skeleton, creeper) can now drop their heads in battle
  • added config and permission options for mob drops
  • heads should no longer duplicate when breaking them in creative mode
  • added config option "clickinfo" to show who a placed head belongs to
  • Squashed 2 bugs: breaking head blocks would drop both Steve and whatever was placed, and
  • using the /ph spawn command would stack the new head into an incorrect inventory slot
  • Added permissions: playerheads.canbehead, playerheads.canloosehead
  • Mining heads now drop the correct player, instead of Steve
  • Initial release


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