PlayerHeads v4.6.0


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    Nov 11, 2018
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.13


NOTE: this is a release for 1.13+ servers, do NOT use this on lower server versions - there are backports for those versions available on the Files page.



  • Added: New localization / configurable message in LORE_PLUGIN_NAME controls the name of the plugin listed on head items.  If this string is empty (ie: zero length, no spaces), then the line will not be added to head items at all.
  • Added: New configuration option: addlore (default: true) - when this is disabled, no lore text at all will be added to new custom heads spawned by the plugin.  By default, and previously, lore text dependant on the plugin name string and LORE_HEAD_* entries was added regardless of any setting.
  • Changed: API changes - many SkullManager and InventoryManager methods now require an addLore flag
  • Changed: API changes - There are now abstract versions of compatibility and version exceptions from the Compatibility package.

Notes: if you change the lore text on heads, this changes the tags for the associated item.  If you are relying on some trading plugin, the changed heads may not match existing heads.  For best results, update all heads in trades to the version you have configured, and instruct players to place-and-mine their heads to update them if they wish to trade them.