PlayerHeads v4.4.0


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    Oct 25, 2018
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.13



Only use with 1.13+ servers


4.4.0 (changes since 4.3.3):

  • Added: Added additional permissions for the /ph rename command*:
    • playerheads.rename.mob - allows the user to rename mob heads into other mob heads
    • playerheads.rename.player - allows the user to rename player heads into other player heads
  • * Backwards-compatibility: playerheads.rename will still permit users to rename any head to any other head as in previous versions.  playerheads.rename.* will now have the same function. The above permissions should be used instead if you want more restrictive behavior.
  • Added: On startup, the plugin now prints the default (internal) and your (environment) locale, so that you can more easily name your lang files correctly. Note: since this message appears before localization is loaded, the message itself is not localized.
  • Added: In the rare case that the internal lang resource cannot be loaded, a warning will be printed to the console, which was previously ignored.  Note: since this is an error in localization, the message itself is not localized.