Player Gimp

Player Gimp:

Allows admins to gimp players so they cannot move, look around, or interact with the environment. It is essentially a freeze plugin with added features to prevent the player and their surrounding environment from interacting with eachother along with some added violent screenshakes when the gimped player tries to move


  • Console support
  • Gimped players screens shake violently when they try to move or look around
  • Gimped players cannot interact with the rest of the world
  • Gimped players are protected from damage and hunger
  • Multiple permissions
  • Shortnaming players (don't have to use a players full name)
  • Players cannot ungimp them selves by reconnecting to the server

What would you use this plugin for?

This plugin helps admins to control all those players who cause a lot of trouble on a server by allowing an admin to lock them in place and stop them moving, weather they are breaking server rules or just being really annoying. It is really useful for catching players in the act of griefing or punishing them with a "timeout".

Commands and permissions

Opped players and the console get all commands and permissions by default

gimp.gimp/gimp <player>Gimps a player
gimp.gimp/cleargimpUngimps everyone
gimp.exemptnonePrevents a player from being gimped


PlayerGimp_1.0 (1.8.1-R0.1)

  • Initial release

Bugs & limitations

PlayerGimp_1.0 (1.8.1-R0.1)

  • Gimped players can still interact with the environment

Other notes

This plugin was written to help me deal with annoying players on Minecraft servers who really needed knocking into line, hence the violent screen shaking


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