PlayEffectRailgun is turning your blaze rod to a railgun, that shoots a fireworks as railgun trails. This is a simple plugin that was created to demonstrate usage of PlayEffect API.

This plugin is created using PlayEffects API and requires plugin PlayEffect installed at your server

If you need a railgun/lasergun/other beam weapon plugin you must check Laser (highly configurable beam weapon plugin)



  • Every blaze rod is not railgun
  • Railgun deals a 55% of maximum health to any mob (player) at was inside a center of a railgun trail.
  • Railgun need 15 seconds to reload after every shoot

Why I need this plugin?

You can install this plugin to bring railguns to your server. Or... you may be interested in source code if you planning to create your own plugin with effects.

Commands and Permissions

It's a really simple plugin. No commands. No permissions.

Source code


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