This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

PKSystem enjoys playing on 1.2.5-R4 servers!

PKSystem is a highly configurable PvP system for MineCraft. It allows the server owners somewhat fine-grained control of the mechanics of PvP. Do you want your players to have good/neutral/evil reputation? This plugin provides that and much more. PKSystem has permissions (Vault) support. Time provided, PKSystem will be expanded to have more configurations and features. Feel free to suggest things that will make this plugin better, and be sure to report those bugs so I can fix them!

Important Notes:

  • If you enable invisibility, this plugin may break:
    • Plugins that use p.hidePlayer(pp); and p.showPlayer(pp);
       o This has been fixed for VanishNoPacket!!!!!


  • Fun PvP system including reputation and special effects
  • Ability to see and set players' reputation
  • Optionally requires Vault for permissions - Go here to download it.
    o Defaults to ops for permissions (if allowops is 'true' in the configuration)
       • Checks Ops (if enabled in config)
       • Checks Permissions (Vault)
       • Checks BukkitPerms
       • Defaults to DENY


  • pks.* - Allows everything
    o pks.eff.* - Allows all effects
       • pks.eff.invis - Go invisible while sneaking
       • pks.eff.seeinvis - See invisible players
    o - Toggle PK mode
    o pks.rep.* - See and set all reputation
       • pks.rep.see.other - See other players' reputation
       • pks.rep.set.* - Set all players' reputation
         • pks.rep.set.self - Set own reputation
         • pks.rep.set.other - Set other players' reputation
    o pks.reload.* - Reload all files
       • pks.reload.config.* - Reload all configs
           . pks.reload.config.main - Reload main config
           . pks.reload.config.effects - Reload effects config
           . pks.reload.config.rep - Reload reputation config
           . pks.reload.config.tomb - Reload tombstone config
       • pks.reload.playerdata - Reload player data
       • pks.reload.points - Reload points list
       • pks.reload.stones - Reload tombstones list
    o pks.stone.break.other - Break other players' tombstones
    o pks.override.combat - Override combat checks
    o pks.debug - See debug info (/pks debug)
    o pks.newver - See when there's a new version

  • pks.half - Half-player permissions group

  • pks.full - Full-player permissions group
    o pks.eff.invis

  • pks.mod - Moderator permissions group
    o pks.eff.*
    o pks.rep.*
    o pks.stone.break.other

  • pks.admin - Administrator permissions group
    o pks.*


o Once again altered URL in update downloader to use Bukkit's site instead of mine
   • Sorry for any inconveniences this has caused (repeated updates over the last week)

   • This will mean that all updates must be approved before you can auto-update

o CB 1.2.5 R4
o Fixed error submissions. (GET string in URL was too long; using POST now)

o Fixed connection error. (was using localhost)

o CB 1.2.5 R2
o Removed "You can't harm yourself" message; Will make configurable later.
o Changed UUID to not be configurable. Fixed UUID missing from stats URL.
o Changed update mechanics; will update on server start as well as player login.
   • Will not update if it has already been updated. Will message the player this info.
o Error stacks will be sent to my website for further inspection. (optional)
   • Using Base64 encoding; PHP sometimes fails without it.

o Implemented UUID in stats to distinguish between servers if they rename or change IP address.
o Added lightning strike effect when a player is killed by a player. (optional)
o When a player respawns, they can't be killed for x seconds. (optional)
o Reputation anti-farm. (player's reputation can't change too often) (optional)
o Changed '/pk' command to respect whether or not 'PK Only'-mode is enabled.
o Miscellaneous fixes here and there. Slight code tidying.
o Slightly altered the buff values. Not overpowered, but slightly more.
o Changed the default configuration to have everything disabled and show no messages.
o Fixed combat to not fire (enter/exit) when duration is set to 0.
o Added an auto-updater. (optional) Updates require a manual reload or restart.
o Fixed problem with p.showPlayer(pp); and p.hidePlayer(pp); for VanishNoPacket.
o Added '/pks debug' command and 'pks.debug' permission node to see debug info.
o Added 'pks.override.combat' permission node to skip enter-combat checks.
o Added 'pks.reload.playerdata' permission node.. Forgot that one.
o Changed playerOpt to playerData to leave room for future additions.

o Minor vault-related code changes
o Fixed a bug that occurred when a skeleton shoots a player. Not pretty.
o Removed configuration GUI - too bulky and not really needed.

o Configuration GUI in progress.
o Fixed small bug in code resulting in big error.

o Added '/pks opt <option> <value>' for per-player configuration.
o Uses playerOpt.yml to save these options.

o Stats changed a tiny bit. Using plugin name instead of JAR name.
o Command to see plugin version. /pks version.

o Temporary 'fix' for servers using NoCheat and experiencing players being 'pulled back' due to speed effect.
   • Speed effect will disable itself on servers using NoCheat.

o Initial release
o Permissions support

Videos: (Apologies for the sound quality)


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