Logo Pixels is an amazing plugin that allows you to recreate your favorite picture, logo, etc. into Minecraft! With this tool, you will be able to create massive builds that used to take build teams hours to complete. At this time Pixels is one of a kind, I have never seen any other plugins that do what this one can. First impressions are everything in owning a server, impress your players today with Pixels.

Update Log (0.0.4)

  • ✔ Orientations. You can now choose whether to generate your image/text vertically or horizontally.


  • Breath taking image generation - Create massive structures out of logos and other images that amaze and impress players the second they lay there eyes on them.
  • Unique block injection - Anyone who has ever used WorldEdit is aware of the server freezing every time they generate a large structure. That problem does not occur in Pixels! You can see the blocks being injected into the server in rows. This not only keeps your server from freezing, but in my opinion, it looks pretty cool.
  • Text art - Don't have a logo for your server, but you do have a name? Generate that name as a logo in game! With the /px text command, you can make any character out of blocks.
  • File caching - Pixels has its own file management system. Download, delete, and list files such as images or fonts from the console or in game.
  • How it works - The secret is in our CIE76 color matching algorithm which matches the color of each pixel to a block based on visual similarities.


/px image <url:cache> -orient=[v:h] <path> - Generates a build out of an image that has been stored locally or a URL.
  1. /px image url http://i.imgur.com/xY61QmT.jpg
  2. /px image cache mono.jpg
/px text -font=[installed:cached];Arial -size=48 -format=bold:italic -color=black -orient=[v:h] <msg> - Generates an image out of text that you type.

NOTE: Any of the tags that start with "-" are optional. You do not have to use any of them.

  1. /px text Hi. How are you?
  2. /px text -format=bold Hey
  3. /px text -font=installed;Times%New%Roman -color=white Welcome
/px undo - Undoes any generation of an image or text.
  1. /px undo
/px cache - Manage cashed font or image files from the console or in game.
  1. /px cache list [font:img] - Lists all font or image files.
  2. /px cache get [font:img] <name> <url> - Downloads a remote file from a url to a local file that is named what you specify in the <name> field.
  3. /px cache del [font:img] <name> - Deletes a local font or image file by the name you gave it when you downloaded it.


  • px.* - Gives access to all commands in Pixels.
  • px.image - Gives access to the /px image command.
  • px.text - Gives access to the /px text command.
  • px.pos - Gives access to the /px pos command.
  • px.undo - Gives access to the /px undo command.
  • px.cache - Gives access to the /px cash command.

Upcoming Updates/Suggestions

NOTE: These are in order of when they will be added. This may change at a moments notice.

  • Support for all commands in the console.
  • Block generation packs. Add or remove blocks that have a possibility of being put in the image.
  • The ability to create images from builds.

Known Bugs

No Known Bugs. Please report them if you find any. Thanks!

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