PixelGym v7.2


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    May 31, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8



-------------- Random TM ------------------
A new Random TM System put in game so when players win a gym, they are given a random TM within a section that you set.
You can add a TM to a Gym by holding the TM in your hand whilst doing /gym addtm gym#.
These will be stored in the extras.yml

-------------- Prestige Mode ------------------
Make sure in config.yml you have:
prestige_pay: 1000

- Added /gym confirm and /gym deny command to the Prestige system for double confirmation if they want to prestige.

- If a player is in Vanish, they will no longer show on the /gym leaders list.

- General Fixes (Accurate Cooldown time on the "/gym lost" message.

This is given every time a player prestiges. A player can prestige if they have won 8 or more gym badges.

--------------------WARNING (If updating from lower than 6.9) ---------------------

Gym leader permissions have changed, the pixelgym addleader and delleader has been drastically changed and improved.
In doing so, the system in where vault finds the permissions have changed.

You will need to remove all gym leaders of there permissions (pixelgym.leader if you don't have gym leader groups, however if you do use groups (set in the config) the default is "GymLeader". And pixelgym.gym#, for any of them that they have.) and then re-add them with the /pixelgym addleader gym# player.

This has a few good changes that stop duplication of groups and not per world permissions anymore which caused issues.
Also, now if you remove a leader and they are leader of two gym's or more, from a group and use the GymLeader group setting it will not remove them from the group if they have any other permissions (are leaders of any other gym's that you are not removing them from).

-------------- Config Changes ------------------

Make sure you generate a new config. (Backup your current config.yml delete it from the server and restart the server to generate a new one. Then go through the new Config options to make sure they are as you want.)


Add the following section (Copy and Paste):

  # ------------- Prestige Configuration -----------------
  # This section is for configuring the prestige system of the plugin.
  # How many gym's are required to be beaten before prestiging
  prestige_req: 8
  # How much is the player that is prestiging going to be paid? (Requires Vault)
  prestige_pay: 1000