PixelGym v5.1


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    Nov 3, 2015
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  • 1.8


Fixed many little bugs, added some neat little features and cleaned up some of the code.

New features:
- Finally, a gym queue:

/gym setwarp gym# - Sets a warp used for the queue, this is where you want the challenger to be teleported to. The warps must be called gym1, gym2, etc...

/gym join gym# - Joins a queue, gym# determines which gym queue it joins.

/gym check gym# - Check your position in that queue.

/gym leave gym# - If you don't want to battle the gym anymore, use /gym leave gym#.

/gym next gym# - Requires pixelgym.leader + pixelgym.gym#. - Grabs the player that is at the front of the queue of gym# and teleports them to gym# that you made with /gym setwarp gym#

/gym winner gym# (player) - Requires pixelgym.leader + pixelgym.gym# - Broadcast's that player won the gym and sets them to a file called badges.yml (for future features ;))

/gym delwarp gym# - Delete's an existing warp.

/gym warp gym# - If you want, gym leaders can use to warp to challenger locations/gym's. I doubt many servers will do so though.

New status signs!!!

Put on the top of the sign:
Put on the 2nd line:


This will show the name of the gym, if it is open or closed and what level cap it is. (Requires pixelgym.admin to create)

Other little fixes for better performance and look.

v5.1 New feature:

To join a queue, the player must have the previous gym badge.
They gain the gym badges by when they win a gym the gym leader does /gym winner gym# (player)
This will set the player to file that they have won that gym, they can now enter the queue for the next gym.