PistonsPlus - Make Obsidian & Bedrock Movable!!

Version Info

Version: 1.0

Compiled Against: CraftBukkit 2060 (Minecraft 1.2.3)!!

  • (currently works with 1.2.5)

What Is PistonPlus?

Pistons plus allows you to make blocks that normally cant be moved by Pistons movable. You cannot move more than one block of any custom block, this plugin DOES NOT make unmovable blocks behave like normal movable blocks. You can define whatever blocks you want to be movable in the config file, see Configuration for more info.

How Do I Install PistonsPlus?

To install simply download the jar file and place it in you bukkit plugins directory! (bukkit_server/plugins)


After running PistonsPlus for the very first time a folder called PistonsPlus containing a config.yml is created. Inside there is but one line:

AllowedBlocks: 49,7

You can add any block you like by simply adding a comma to the end and then adding the block's data value. You can find a list of all data values here.

WARNING! You MUST have more than one data value in the file or you will get a NPE (Null Pointer Error)!!! The simple solution if you REALLY must have only one value just add the data value of a block that can already be pushed (ex. 5).


PistonsPlus has only one command:

/pistonreload - Reloads the PistonsPlus config file.


  • Push normally non-movable blocks with a Normal and Sticky Piston
  • Pull normally non-movable blocks back with a Sticky Piston

Does PistonsPlus Support Permissions?

No. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to determine who powered Redstone as a pig could walk onto a pressure plate and set it off. That therefore makes adding any form of permissions impossible!

Demo Video:

You can see a demo video here. Thanks @colony88!


You can download PistonsPlus here.

The source code is available on my GitHub here.


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