This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Launchpads 1.3

This is my first plugin! :)

What is this plugin?
This plugin allows the players on your server to be launched around using pistons or commands. This plugin has permissions aswell and tells the player the missing permission when he/she tries to do something.

This plugin is fully compatible with 1.8.x and 1.7.x, any version below that i cannot promise you that this will work. The only way to find out is to test it ;)


Its a pretty bad tutorial but at least it shows how everything works etc. Feel free to make your own and send it to me :)

Face a piston to a direction and power it with redstone, it will launch any players standing on top of the piston. make sure the piston can extend (there cant be too many blocks or tile entities in front). This works with sticky and non-sticky pistons.


/launch - Launch yourself up.
/launch <name> - Launch someone else up.
/launch config - Read and reload the config
/launch config <name> <value> - Change the config ingame (for help do /launch config)
/launch reset - Reset the config to default

Note: When changing the config using /launch config no reload is required, when you change the config in the files just type /launch config and it will update.


Color - Change the color of the messages the plugin sends.
Missing perm mess- Change the message a player sees when using /launch command
Launchpad Missing - Change the message when trying to use a launchpad without perm
Launch scream - What the player says in chat when using /launch (launch yourself)
Vertical Speed - Set the vertical speed when launched North, East, South or West.
Directional Speed - Set the speed you get launched at the direction the piston is pointing.
Explosion - Whether or not to make an explosion when launching (Will kill players in survival mode).
Explosion size - The size of the explosion (if explosion is enabled).
Damage terrain - Whether or not the explosion damages terrain (if explosion is enabled).
Item Drops - Whether or not the explosion causes item drops (*WARNING* Item drops may cause lag if explosion size is too big).
Debug - Enabled/Disables debugging messages

Default config:
Color: red
Missing perm message: You do not have the permission to use this command
Launchpad Missing perm message: You do not have the permission to launch
Launch scream: AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!
Vertical Speed: 1
Directional Speed: 4
Explosion: true
Explosion size: 3
Damage terrain: false
Item Drops: false
Debug: false


launchpads.launch - Allows the player to use launchpads.
launchpads.basic - Allows the player to use /launch

These all need launchpads.basic to allow users to use them!
launchpads.launch.self - Allows the player to do /launch to launch himself in the air.
launchpads.launch.others - Allows the player to do /launch <username> to launch someone in the air.
launchpads.config - Allows the player to see, reset and change the config.
launchpads.seedebug - Allows the player to see the debug messages (only when debug is enabled).

Known Bugs

- Entering a wrong arguments causes an error Fixed in 1.3
- Wrong config causes an error (type /launch reset to fix) Fixed in 1.3
- Custom message currently only working when launching yourself Fixed in 1.2.2
- Config not regenerating and causing errors Fixed in 1.1 *FIX*
- /launch always displays permission error Fixed in 1.1.1

Found any bugs? Please make a ticket and i will try to fix it!

Next updates

- Chat color added in 1.1
- McStats graph added in 1.1
- Custom messages added in 1.2
- Remove wrong argument/config errors added in 1.3

Any ideas? Make a ticket :)!

Data collecting

This plugin uses to collect anonymous data about the servers using the plugin and does NOT collect any personal information about any users or server owners of this plugin.

Data it collects: Amount of players, java version, server version, server country (so no exact location), operating system (ex. windows/linux) and system info. This does not include any personal information in any way and will not be used for any other reasons than just looking at it

Data Usage - The data being collected is for people and me to see how many people are using my plugin and does not include any personal information

If you do not like this then you can disable it in the config files located at: <server>\plugins\PluginMetrics\config.yml and set opt-out: to true. If you do this no data will be collected from your server.

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