Have you often wondered why laggy players are harder to hit? I could explain the technical terms for it, but i'll leave it at "their connections suck". This plugin monitors the average ping of the players on the server and applies modifiers to people who are more laggy than the regular player.

How does this work?

It's very simple. Every 15 seconds, the average ping on the server is calculated by averaging every player's ping together. This becomes the baseline amount of ping that someone is allowed to have. If your ping is more than 200 above the average, then your maximum health and health decrease by a percentage.

  • Players with 200 ping above average have 90% of normal health.
  • Players with 300 ping above average have 80% of normal health.
  • Players with 400 ping above average have 70% of normal health.
  • Players with 500 ping above average have 60% of normal health.
  • Players with 600 ping above average have 50% of normal health.
  • Players with 700 ping above average have 40% of normal health.
  • Players with 800 ping above average have 30% of normal health.
  • Players with 900 ping above average have 20% of normal health.
  • Players with 1000 ping above average have 10% of normal health.
  • Players with 1100 ping above average have 0.001% of normal health. The plugin also monitors connection quality, which helps prevent people from using lag switches. The plugin monitors the player's overall ping differential and, if it gets excessive, kicks the player from the server. This plugin does not manage ping, it manages health based on ping so laggy players have lower health and are easier to kill - this is lag compensation.

How do I install it?

  1. Download the latest JAR.
  2. Dump it in your plugins directory.
  3. Restart or reload. There is no config to worry about.


There is only one command, /ping, which tells you whether your connection is good, average, below average, or very below average.

Other Features

There are a few built in features which make this a really fast and effective plugin.

  • Auto-kicks players with crap connections.
  • Damages players who have crap connections to make it fair for people with good connections (no more lagging to get away from PVP!)
  • Prevents lag switching with a pretty good degree of certainty.
  • If your ping changes too much in 15 seconds (between checks), then you are flagged as having an unstable connection and you might get auto-kicked.
  • Planned: Desynced detector (checks if server->client packets are being lost)
  • Planned: Freeze laggy players.
  • Planned: Compatibility between the AutoKick system and CombatLog (so it leaves behind a dummy which can be killed).


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