Crouch, click, piggyback!

Ever wanted to CARRY pigs around like a BADASS?! Ever wanted a SLIME as PET?! TIRED of Wheat and Leads?! Your FRIEND doesn't want to come with YOU?! Then this is the Plugin for you!

How to Use

  • 1. Search for a mob you want to carry.
  • 2. Come close to the mob (at least 5 blocks).
  • 3. Crouch and right click/left click(configurable) on the mob!(Players may turn off ability to be picked up, and config option to turn off for NPCs)

If you want to stop carrying the mob or player, you just crouch and right click/left click on the mob again. Players with their toggle off may not be picked up by other players, but can still pick up Mobs. You can use this plugin in survival, or use it as a Stacker plugin for a lobby! All of the messages are customizable, and can even be completely disabled for an immersive experience!


/pback - Toggle ability to be picked up by other players on/off for yourself


  • piggyback.use - Pick up Mobs/Players
  • piggyback.toggle - Toggle ability to be picked up on/off

Example Config

shiftRightClick: false   #False for shift-left-click, true for shift-right-click
respectClaimPerms: false #If true, PiggyBack will respect protection plugins for entity
throwMobAway: true    #If true, mob will be thrown a short distance instead of simply dropping
PickUpNPCs: false      #If true, NPC's from Citizens2 will be able to be picked up
  send: false                #Use language.yml and send messages at all


  • Config Option - ItemInHand: true/false - if this is true, players can pick entities up while holding something. If it's false, you must have an empty hand when picking entities up.
  • Config - Allowed entities list
  • Config - Custom displayname of entities Exclusion list

How you can help.

I'll try to keep this list updated. ;)

  • I still need an image to place on top of this page. Good at art? You can PM me.

http://lemire.me/fr/social/github.png Source

Click here for Piggyback's GitHub Repo!

http://png-2.findicons.com/files/icons/2781/google_jfk_icons/16/youtube.png Videos

German Plugin Showcase (by SzukaćHD)


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