Do you want to make only pvp at night? or maybe at day? Well if you want that you are looking for the right plugin!

Our plugin allows you to make a different PvP system in selected worlds!

Free version features:
- Block PvP at day/night in specific worlds

Premium version features:

- All the features of the free version and...
- Block commands when is night/day
- Block teleports in night/day
- Run commands when it goes night/day

Want to buy the premium version of the plugin? Contact me over on discord.

Ok, so I loved the plugin do you have another projects? The answer is yes! All our projects are currently open source so go to our github for see a list of projects!

If you find a issue please open a issue track on our Github page (redirect), if you want to give us a suggestion please send it on our discord (https://discord.gg/wQj53Hy).


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