This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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A new thieving plugin! You can now steal iConomy 5/6 balance from other players! This plugin is extremely lightweight, easy to use and simple for your players to get to grips with! Future updates are Plug 'n Play, they will not require you to delete any files. This plugin will generate a config file for you to change the settings of the plugin to suit your needs! Dependancies
Permissions 3.1.x - **(Required)**
iConomy 5.0.1 - 6 **(Required)**
Lightweight message system so your players don't get spammed with annoying messages when they are trying to steal from other players. Only alerts the person that is being stole from when the player attempting to steal from them succeeds! Cooldown messages will only be sent after the (configurable) time has reached 0. For example, if a player steals from a player they will not be able to steal again for the time suggested in the config file. The messages will not be sent telling the player this until the timer has reached 0. So if the Cooldown message timer is 5 this is the time it will count down from until the message will be sent again. Cooldown so the players cannot spam-steal from other players. In the config you may set a Maximum steal amount, so players cannot steal stupid amounts of cash from other players. Usage
To steal from a player, a Stone Hoe must be equipped, this will be configurable in the future. When you have the Stone Hoe equipped you must whack the player to attempt to steal from them. Rinse & Repeat! Permissions Nodes
If you have Permissions enabled these are the nodes :) PickPocket.CanSteal - Allows a player to steal from other Players
PickPocket.Info - Lets the user see the help menu
PickPocket.Admin - Allows an player to disable the plugin with /pickpocket disable
/pickpocket ? - Shows PickPocket help and Info!
/pickpocket disable - Disables the Plugin!
In the Config!
The chance of success is Out of 100! </center>

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