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Have you ever wanted to have a different economy system? Maybe have a real currency, a physical one? Well, with PhysiConomy, you can take an item, assign a name for the currency, assign it Lore, even name the currency that goes into the bank.

What is PhysiConomy?

Well. Me and one of my friends were spit balling ideas for 1.6.2. He asked if I knew of any plugins that used a physical item or block to store a balance for a player. I told him I didn't know of any but there was a way to get one. I told him if he had time to wait I'm sure with the help of some of the great people here on Bukkit there would be a plugin for it. After that night of talking this over with my friend, and some heavy thinking I started work on the plugin.

PhysiConomy will utilize only one inventory slot to store the currency.


I only have one problem. I need to store player data, but my server is to small to properly use MySQL. I think utilizing something like a yml or txt file might be better and easier, if Iuse yaml it will load the entire file into a hashmap so then I would be back at the RAM issue


Commands Usage Description
econ /econ This command currently will be the basis of all commands for this plugin. For example to give money you might use /econ give <name> <MoneyAmount>


As far as configs go, I have only planned a few things. As it stands right now, you can change the object of currency. The currency name. The lore of the item. You can also change the label of the currency. An example of that would be "You have received 100 <currencyLabel> from Notch!"

Who will be helping or who can?

Anyone can help. I will need help with somethings. I am using Vault as a dependency just for the sake of keeping everything compatible. My goal is to make this plugin just as compatible as Vault its self.


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