PhatLoots Permissions

Everyone has node by default
Only OP has node by default

  • phatloots.loot.* - Needed to receive loots from any restricted PhatLoot
  • phatloots.loot.EpicLoot - Needed to receive loot from the PhatLoot named EpicLoot (may be used for any name)
  • phatloots.moneyfrommobs - Needed to receive money from mobs
  • phatloots.commandloot - Needed to receive loots through command
  • phatloots.rl - Needed to reload the PhatLoots plugin (/loot rl)
  • phatloots.reset - Needed to reset the list of users who looted PhatLoots (/loot reset)
  • phatloots.clean - Needed to remove loot times that are no longer relevant. This is automatically done when the server shuts down (/loot clean)
  • phatloots.list - Needed to list all current PhatLoots (/loot list)
  • - Needed to see loot information of a given PhatLoot (/loot info)
  • phatloots.give - Needed to force a Player to loot a PhatLoot (/loot give)
  • phatloots.admin - Needed to break linked Blocks (Will unlink the chest)
  • phatloots.make - Needed to create a new PhatLoot (/loot make)
  • phatloots.delete - Needed to delete a PhatLoot (/loot delete)
  • - Needed to link a PhatLoot to a chest (/loot link)
  • phatloots.unlink - Needed to unlink a PhatLoot from a chest (/loot unlink)
  • phatloots.manage - Needed to add/remove loot to a PhatLoot (/loot add)
  • phatloots.time - Needed to set the reset time of a PhatLoot (/loot time)
  • - Needed to set whether a PhatLoot has a global cooldown (/loot global)
  • phatloots.autoloot - Needed to set whether a PhatLoot is autolooted (/loot autoloot)
  • phatloots.round - Needed to set whether a PhatLoot's reset time is rounded down (/loot round)
  • phatloots.cost - Needed to set the cost to loot a PhatLoot (/loot cost)
  • - Needed to set how much money is looted from a PhatLoot (/loot money)
  • phatloots.exp - Needed to set how much experience is looted from a PhatLoot (/loot exp)
  • phatloots.create - Parent node for:
    1. phatloots.make: true
    2. phatloots.delete: true
    3. true
    4. phatloots.unlink: true
    5. phatloots.manage: true
    6. phatloots.time: true
    7. true
    8. phatloots.autoloot: true
    9. phatloots.round: true
    10. phatloots.cost: true
    11. true
    12. phatloots.exp: true