A server mod which allows you to name your pets, and train them to become the best pet in the server, while gaining attack, strength and more! Included animals are Dogs and Cats as of right now, but will hopefully be adding more animals later!


Required Plugins


  1. Put Pets in your server's plugins folder
  2. make sure Vault is installed
  3. Run your server!


  • /pet new => claim a pet
  • /pet rename => rename your pet
  • /pet release => release your pet
  • /pet info => get more specific information on your pets, including exp and level
  • /pet list => list your pets
  • /spawnwolf => spawn a wolf where you are looking
  • /spawncat => spawn a cat where you are looking


  • Pets.admin - access to all pets permissions.
  • Pets.aggro - ability to make pets aggressive around you
  • Pets.aggro.other - ability to make pets aggressive around you and other players
  • - get information about certain pets
  • Pets.list - ability to see which pets you own
  • Pets.list.other - ability to see which pets you or another player own
  • - Claim new pets
  • Pets.release - unclaim pets
  • Pets.rename - rename pets
  • Pets.spawnwolf - spawn wolves where you are looking
  • Pets.spawncat - spawn cats where you are looking
  • Pets.limit.dogs.# - limits how many dogs a player can tame to # dogs
  • * Optional Pets.limit.dogs.infinite - allows the player to tame an unlimited amount of dogs
  • Pets.limit.cats.# - limits how many cats a player can tame to # cats
  • * Optional Pets.limit.cats.infinite - allows the player to tame an unlimited amount of cats

Admin permissions


  • Leveling up of Dogs and Cats, based on exp gained by fighting
  • Naming dogs and cats when you tame them
  • Renaming of dogs and cats on commands
  • Releasing of a dogs and cats through commands
  • Get info of a dog or cat through a command
  • List pets
  • Permission based animal limiting

Upcoming Features

  • Other tame-able monsters/animals
  • More advanced leveling, based on Attack Level, Strength Level, and Defense Level
  • Send your animals to find another player
  • Animal skills, hopefully configurable and the ability to add skills like heroes
  • Heroes damage system support
  • Ability to transfer pets
  • Any suggestions? Tell us in the comments below!


If you find an error that you want one of us to fix, please leave a ticket for us to look at! It helps us understand exactly what the problem is and how we should resolve it. What we ask for in these tickets is:

  • A pastebin of the error log
  • Which other plugins you are using and what versions
  • The version of Pets you are using Thank you for taking the time to help us make a better Pets plugin for everyone!


If you would like to see this plugin with more features, donations would be nice to let me know that you guys enjoy our hard work! We use the email [email protected] as our paypal email, so you can send some money over! Thank you!


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