A plugin for players to log problems, requests and complaints etc.

NOTICE - IRC Channel #PetitionPlugin on for any suggestions/queries!


  • Players may open one or more petitions and get assigned a unique ticket # for each. This number can be used to track the petition until it has been closed.
  • Each petition may be assigned to a specific op/admin or left as unassigned
  • Players as well as ops/admins may add comments to an open petition
  • Ops/admins (and currently players) may warp to the location where the petition was opened
  • Ops/admins (and currently players) may review the history of each open petition
  • Closed petitions are archived and can be reviewed or reopened by moderators
  • Use the command "/petition" or the shorthand command "/pe".
  • All commands are case-insensitive
  • New and updated petitions are announced to everyone with 'petition.moderate' permission
  • Supports multiple worlds
  • Offline players receive notifications on petition updates when logging in
  • Server admins can handle petitions on the server console
  • Players and moderators are reminded of their open petitions at configurable intervals

Command syntax:

  • /pe open|create|new <Message>
  • /pe comment|log <#> <Message>
  • /pe close <#> [<Message>]
  • /pe list [<count>]
  • /pe view <#>
  • /pe assign <#> [<Operator>]
  • /pe unassign <#>
  • /pe warp|goto <#>


  1. Download the latest PetitionPlugin version.
  2. Copy it to your "plugins" directory
  3. Optionally create a new directory called "plugins/PetitionPlugin"
  4. Optionally create a new directory called "plugins/PetitionPlugin/archive"
  5. Optionally create a new file "plugins/PetitionPlugin/settings.txt"
  6. Load the plugin (Restart the server, or use any plugin you have for this purpose)

Settings: The configuration file is optional, the following settings are available:


Command examples: A player in distress:

/pe open Someone has burned down my home!
# the player receives a ticket number, say 45 for this example
/pe comment 45 And killed my chicken!

Admin/Moderator responds:

/pe list
# the plugin shows me a list of currently open petitions
/pe assign 45 FloydATC
# the petition status is changed to show that I am now handling this incident
/pe warp 45
# I am teleported to the scene
/pe comment 45 nice crater
/pe close 45 Feather refunded, have a nice day
# +1 served


  • None


  • '' required to open, comment and view a petition
  • 'petition.warp-to-own' required IF 'warp-requires-permission' is enabled
  • 'petition.warp-to-own-if-assigned' required IF 'warp-requires-permission' is enabled
  • 'petition.moderate' and 'petition.moderator' required for everything else

Known problems: Certain situations can lead to double notifications, such as an operator commenting on his own petition. Colourisation is work-in-progress.


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