Personal Login Message (PLM)

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Looking for an easy plugin which gives you the possibility to add own messages when a player joins or quits? Looking for a plugin which can be easy and advanced at the same time?


  • Define own messages for login and logout -> Change join message and quit message
  • Use the format for players like you see them in global chat. Example: [Admin] Player is now online
  • Restrict which player will cause a message with permissions
  • Advanced Messages Mode:
    • Define own messages for players, groups and default depending on time or chance
    • Replace world names like "world234" by suitable expressions
    • Welcome messages and additional public messages
    • More information here
  • VanishNoPacket support!
  • Herochat channel support!
  • Essentials nick name support!
  • Compatible with nearly every version
  • Regularly updates: Request a feature and I may implement it (I managed nearly every request so far)


This plugin contains two basic modes which I want to compare here:

Standard Mode

This is the easiest way to change your server's join/quit message. You just have to modify the concerning message and it's done Reload necessary since v0.5.2. Additionally you can determine who will cause a message using permissions. If you use Vault, you can use the formatted player names, too! Your message can contain the name, the group, the world where the player currently is, the number of logins, the time he was offline and the country with GeoIPTools. This mode is very easy and reliable. See information on how to use here

Advanced Messages Mode

This mode is more difficult but submits many new possibilities. You want to define special messages for players or groups? No problem. A list of features:

  • Define own messages for players, groups and default depending on time or chance
  • Replace world names like "world234" by suitable expressions
  • Add welcome messages
  • Additional messages when a certain player joins
  • Define a "First Message" for new players
  • Send messages to Herochat channels
  • Use all the placeholders/variables from Standard Mode

Information here


PLM is able to see whether you are vanished or not and hides the join/quit message if you're vanished. If you want that PLM imitates the join and quit messages when you use /vanish, you just have to set "usefakejoinmessage" and "usefakequitmessage" under "VanishNoPacket" to true

  usefakejoinmessage: true
  usefakequitmessage: true
  replaceVNPfakemessages: false

If you want to use "/vanish fq" or "/vanish fj" (commands by VanishNoPacket) set "replaceVNPfakemessages" to true. Note: Set usefakejoinmessage and usefakequitmessage to false if you don't want that anyone sees when you use "/vanish"


Since PLM version 0.5 you can use channels defined in Herochat (BukkitDev Page) to print join/quit messages. This can be useful if you want that your players can decide whether they see who has joined or left the server. They just have to join the channel and they can see them.

To activate the use of channels set "Use Channels" in the config.yml to true. Under the point "Channels" you can write down the channels where you want to see the messages. If you still want to use the normal bukkit communication channel, just add "Default" to the list.

You only want messages from a special group or player in a channel? Add the point "CH:" to the AdvancedMessages configuration file as you can see it in the example here

Changelog | Older files

See the whole changelog here

Testing | Planned | Issues

Some tested combinations:

  • EssentialsChat + GroupManager
  • PermissionsExChat + PEX

All other combinations supported by Vault should work, too. Please send me feedback about your experience!


  • Kick message (postponed)
  • Code improvement (ongoing process)
  • Complete 1.7.8/1.8 support

Issues, Problems, Conflicts

  • Reading wrong values if line order in messages.txt is not correct
  • Other plugins can overwrite the changed message and reset it. If you want to know the output which was selected by PLM, activate 'debug' in config.yml and it will print the message in the console.
  • If you want to use off with Advanced Messages Mode, never use it without '! Bukkit accepts 'off' but not off alone. When you don't use ' it will return "false". I don't know why at the moment


This plugin utilises Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to A unique identifier, the server's version of Java, whether the server is in offline or online mode, the plugin's version, the server's version, the OS version/name and architecture, the core count for the CPU, the number of players online, the Metrics version.

Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.

You can see everything I can see here


Questions? Any ideas? Contact me via or pm.

Feel free to leave a comment! I'll try to answer it as fast as possible


  • English
  • Deutsch (German)
  • Un peu francais (easy French)


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