When i was developing another plugin and want to test it against permissions, i noted there is no easy way to do it like console commands or such



Warning: playing with your server permissions in runtime may render your server unusable, you could revoke command permissions to everybody, revoke your own permissions,  and mess your server up with no return... please backup your server often and use the plugin with consciousness



This plugin adds the console command "permissionshell" (default alias "perm") with 4 subcommands: "list", "set", "remove", "help"



The general form is "/perm <subcommand> <player> <permission_spec> [value]" plus the "help" subcommand

/perm list <player> [filter]

/perm set <player> <permission> <value>

/perm remove <player> <permission>

/perm help [subcommand]


  • <filter> has meaning for "list" subcommand and matches all the permission names starting with it, can be omitted for all player permissions (the list can be huge)... also can use "*" as a wilcard to match anything beetween, as in filename glob... example: "v*.f"
  • <permission> is a literal permission name in case of "set" and "remove" subcommand
  • <value> has only meaning for "set" subcommand, and can be either "true" or "false"
  • in game chat (or server console) just type "/perm " to get more info


The little longer story

While i was writing this plugin i discovered some more deeper things besides the common use for permissions 'player.hasPermission("myPerm")'... popular knowledge says you should install "Vault" or some permission plugin (ex.: permissionsEx, bPermissions, bukkitPermissions, etc), edit files and reload, something totally unpractical for testing purposes 

I learned that when the plugin loader reads the permissions section of the file "plugin.yml" the default permissions are registered in the server, but additionally a permission can be overriden for a player by "attaching" a custom one to it... however is important to remove these permission attachments once used to free resources


More info

Sorry for the ugly description, i am a little short of time but with the hope the plugin will be useful and to had wrote a useful description... source code at


¡viva chile mierda!


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