PermissionsEx v1.21.4


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    May 4, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1


Modifyworld is NO LONGER distributed with PermissionsEx. Download it from its project page

Special thanks to mibby, ZachryWilsn, externo6, and stuntguy3000 for their important
contributions to this release!

The big thing: PEX is UUID-aware and no longer compatible with any non-UUID version of Bukkit. Players will be converted to UUID as they
log in to the server. If running a server with a proxy, please read before proceeding

- Initialize users asynchronously. Can improve performance on login.
- Fix issues with portions of permissions files being deleted.
- Performance tweaks
- Fix commands showing UUIDs instead of UUID/name format
- Another thing that should take care of users logging in and not having permissions injected
- Forbid using PEX on UUID-incompatible versions of Bukkit and revert any UUID conversions that may have taken place to allow downgrading to pre-1.21 versions of PEX.
- Actually fix SQL connection problems?

- Fix issues causing ConcurrentModificationExceptions
- Fix connection timeouts when using MySQL
- Improve performance for commands that get all users
- Make file configuration saving more robust in cases where server crashes while save is in progress
- Improve some messages

- Fix SQLite support in SQL backend
- Fix prefixes and suffixes more
- Fix checks for virtualness (this resulted in the user names not being set properly)

+ Implement automatic update checking to update to bugfix releases and notify about feature releases. Thanks to Gravity for writing the library we use for this.
- Fix bugs with user lookup on pre-UUID versions of Bukkit
- Fix bugs with backend conversions
- Ensure compatibility with Java 6
- Fix non-inheritable permissions
- Fix error messages from getting the default group
- Fix issue with empty group names (seen with MCMyAdmin-generated permissions files)
+ Add command to bulk-convert users to UUID-based storage -- /pex convert uuid

- Fix SQL deploy issues when using table aliases
+ Implement NetEvents support for server networks
+ Redesign inheritance handling to finally fix issues with circular inheritance and improve performance
+ Redesign backend mechanism to support a simpler import/export system -- /pex import <backend>
+ Assorted performance tweaks
+ PEX is now UUID-aware!
- Fix permissions for users who are kicked at login and then rejoin
- Fix issues where an excess of SQL connections could be created
- Perform some data writes asynchronously to allow operations to continue without blocking the server.

 - Usage of PEX's custom numerical range syntax is no longer supported due to conflicts with UUIDs. This functionality had very limited documentation and would cause server hangs. If a stable implementation is found, this functionality may return.