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PermissionsHealth optimized!

Ever wanted to make a RPG server and have each class have it's own HP, like a Tank that has 40 health or a Archer with 15 health? Well now you can!

PvP Fights too short? 20 health just not cutting it? Well change that!

PermissionsHealth lets you change all that just add the Permissions node to the group/classes/races/factions do I need say more?

Oh almost forgot, PermissionsHealth not only lets you change the Health but set it to whatever you want in the config - that's right, you want 1000 Health? Well DO IT!

Features 2.1

  • Custom Health for Groups/Classes/Factions/Races that you have in your Permissions
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Custom permission nodes
  • Ability to add nodes in-game
  • Now able to change Health of node's in-game
  • HealthRegainScale (read config)


In this photo I used HealthDisplay to show the example of health change.


Thanks to Reoss for showcasing PermissionsHealth on YouTube zockkingLP =)

If you have a video you like to submit just PM me or leave it in the comments. If it showcases the plugin or shows how to fully use it I would love to add it =)


PermissionsHealth has had a whole new makeover, please check up on new config page.


/phrphadmin.reloadreloads the config
/ph reloadphadmin.reloadreloads the config
/phhphadmin.healused to to fully heal you
/phh <player>phadmin.healused to to fully heal a player
/phealphadmin.healused to to fully heal you
/pheal <player>phadmin.healused to to fully heal a player
/ph healphadmin.healused to to fully heal you
/ph heal <player>phadmin.healused to to fully heal a player
/ph hpphadmin.showhpused to view your current health
/ph hp <player>phadmin.showhpused to view target's current health
/phpphadmin.showhpused to view your current health
/php <player>phadmin.showhpused to view target's current health
/ph add <node_name > <healthvalue>phadmin.addAdd's a new Node to the config
/ph update <node_name> <healthvalue>phadmin.updateUpdates the Node's Health in config

[NOTE: ophealth & defaulthealth must be changed from config no command for them yet same with HealthRegainScale


Permissions are unlimited but need to start with "permissionshealth.", eg:




Any dot in the permission name is replaced with an underscore. When you're in-game and type /ph add level.1 30 - it will turn out like this:


Permissions Plugins Note:

When dealing with inheritance check here permissions inheritance.

Recommended Plugins

Lore Attributes
HealthDisplay health displayed as 500 hearts meaning 2 health = 1 heart.
TimedPex ranks users to another PermissionsEx group after a set period of time. This can be useful for servers that have a hierarchy by gameplay time, or to automatically change players from 'default' or guest ranks to 'member' for being active on a server.
ServerSignsLets you buy permissions, groups, ranks, classes & races with in-game money. You can add a Permission Health node for them, increasing or reducing max-health depending on your preference.

Do you have (or know of) a plugin that you think works great with Permission Health and would like to see it up here? Leave a comment below and give me the link to check it out =)

Permission Plugins

zpermissions (Untested)

yapp (Tested)

permissionsranks (Untested)

grouppermslite (Untested)

permissionsex (Tested)

permbukkit (Untested)

totalpermissions (Untested)

bpermissions (Tested)

droxperms (Untested)

xperms (Untested)

If you are using one of thse permission plugins and can confirm it works let me know =D

PermissionHealth should work with all these but still like to add it.

Optional Plugins


Any plugins that have to deal with health being displayed in chat can result in a lot of spam or slow your server down. Test them out and if they work for you that's great.

Current Build

  • Craftbukkit 1.5.1-R0.3 #2760
  • Bukkit 1.5.1-R0.3 #1756
  • Java 6

Installation instructions

  • Download PermissionsHealth.jar
  • Drag and drop it in to your /plugins
  • Start the server once to generate a config.yml file
  • Setup you config file change health how you want it.
  • Open permissions plugin you are using and add the node to the groups you want them to.
  • You're ready to go!

Removal instructions

Before you just remove PermissionsHealth:

  • make sure everyone quits the server this ensures
  • there Health is set to 20 when they logout
  • after that remove PermissionsHealth
  • When players join server they will be in temporary god mode
  • to get them out just hit them with a heal or throw a splash health potion at them

Other Plugin Conflict

  • PermissionsHealth may have conflict with plugins that display ASCII HP-bars. (Tested) if it's a chat display of health they may cause spam to you and your users. in the chatlogs
  • PermissionsHealth may have conflict with plugins that set your max health. (Tested) Other Plugins that allow you to set your health will no longer work due to events that are places to maintain health from staying or bring abused. Events are: PlayerJoinEvent & InventoryCloseEvent that set that health to the configure amount (InventoryCloseEvent was implemented so health would be updated if Player Gained a New permission Node or GuestHealth was changed from ingame.), now PlayerKickEvent & PlayerQuitEvent set the player to 20 health the reason this is in place so if plugin is removed the player does not keep the health he obtained from the plugin.
  • Just talked to garbagemule about fixing health for Mob Arena and in his next update it should now fully heal you when joining MobArena =)


/ph reload gives Ah internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command This only happens when you have a higher amount of Hp and then lower it in the config and type reload, but don't worry even thought it gives you that error we added a small work around so when you get the error rest assured the command worked

Servers Running PermissionsHealth

Do you have a server that is running PermissionsHealth? if so give me a address and i add you on here =) (Note:I can only add servers that are running online mode.)

Support Banner

Does your plugin support Permissions Health? or you want to show others you use permissions Health then heres a small banner =D


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