PermissionFinder is a simple plugin which makes it easier when setting up permissions on a server. (You no longer need to trawl through webpages searching for the right permission nodes! :D) Developers may also find this useful when creating a list of permission nodes and descriptions to put on their plugin pages or in documentation.


  • Easily find all permission nodes for a specific plugin along with a description for each one.
  • Easily search through a plugin's permission nodes to find the permission nodes you want.
  • Easily dump a plugin's permission nodes into a text file.
  • Dump permission nodes for all plugins to text files in one go.


  • /findperms [Plugin Name] <Search Terms> - Finds all permission nodes for the entered plugin / Searches for a permission node if search terms are entered.
  • /dumpperms [Plugin Name | all] - Dumps all permission nodes for the entered plugin /all plugins to a text file(s) located in the PermissionFinder folder.


  • permissionfinder.findperms - Gives access to the findperms command.
  • permissionfinder.dumpperms - Gives access to the dumpperms command.

Planned Features

  • Look into a way of displaying permission nodes that do not use plugin.yml to define permissions.

Any feature suggestions are welcome :)

Known Issues

  • Only able to find permission nodes that are included in the plugin's plugin.yml file, this means that it will not be able to find permission nodes for some plugins that use other methods for implementing permissions. (Currently working on this - should be implemented for major plugins in v1.3!)


  • Please take time to answer the current poll :) - I would like to add a community driven database of permission nodes for plugins that are currently unsupported to make this plugin even better but due to the amount of plugins that do not define permissions in their plugin.yml it will not be possible for me alone to cover all of them (plus the fact it would take ages)

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Plugin Stats


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