PerWorldChatPlus Version 3.0.0


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    Sep 5, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8


Do not download. New version has been released!

PerWorldChatPlus Version 3.0.0


  • Added minor tweaks and improvements to alert system.
  • Added better chat sharing features.

    Fixed and Removed

  • Fixed typos.
  • Fixed minor issues with alert system.
  • Fixed website display when viewing plugin info.
  • Fixed chat sharing to worlds.
    • This was done in a weird way so it has been completely revamped

      For more info on how to set up world chat sharing properly, go here >>> Installation & Configuration

  • No known bugs!
    • If you find a bug, please report it in the tickets!!
    • We will NOT address bugs reported in the comments.