PaymentDoors allows a player to lock an iron door and it cannot be opened unless the person trying to open the door has a sufficient amount of levels/money, which are stated on a sign on the door.



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Permissions and Commands

Command Permission
/doors paymentdoors.use


  • First, place an iron door down. Then, place a sign on the front of the door (by hold down shift).
  • On the first line, put [PaymentDoors]
  • On the second line, put the value of levels that the player has to pay to open the door (eg. 1)
  • Enable Vault to do the following in the config file.
    • On the third line, put the value of cost that the player has to pay to open the door (eg. 50)


  • To open a PaymentDoor, left click the sign. The player will be charged based on the price/cost on the sign.
  • To close a PaymentDoor, left click on the sign again. The player will not be charged for closing the door.

Known Bugs

  • None!!! :)


Github - Source


  • Add permission to bypass the payment
  • Disable the placement of items that are capable of opening the door
  • Add the ability to transfer paid level to the owner of the door

Special Thanks

Don't forget Henz!, the person who made most of this possible!


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