V 2.1.0 - Tested on CB build 1.7.9-R0.1

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  • Player controlled drop parties
  • Link into Votifier to allow players to vote for drop parties
  • Configure times
  • Block specific items
  • Hide the true item
  • Release items in waves
  • See below for more information


  • 'partycraft.*' - Player can access to every part partycraft
  • 'partycraft.checkupdate' - Player will be notified when an update is ready
  • 'partycraft.reload' - Player can reload the config files
  • 'partycraft.dropparty.*' - Player can access all the drop party features
  • 'partycraft.dropparty.add' - Player can add items to the drop party
  • 'partycraft.dropparty.cast' - Player can use '/dropcast'
  • 'partycraft.dropparty.create' - Player can create drop parties
  • 'partycraft.dropparty.stop' - Player can stop drop parties
  • 'partycraft.dropparty.settime' - Player can set the time left on drop parties
  • 'partycraft.dropparty.setvotes' - Player can set the current vote amount


  • /partycraft help - Shows the help
  • /partycraft reload - Reload the config files
  • /dropparty stop <id> - Stops the drop party with the ID <id>
  • /dropparty settime <id> <time> - Sets the time left drop party with the ID <id> to the time <time>
  • /dropparty setvotes <votes> - Sets the current vote count
  • /dropcast <message> - Broadcasts a message to the server

Drop Parties

  • Drop parties are created by placing a sign.
  • Enter [dp] onto the second line
  • Enter either "o, "a" or "v" on to the second line
  • * o = Run once
  • * a = Repeat drop party
  • Enter either "i" or "h" on to the second line
  • * v = Show what items are
  • * h = Show as a hidden item until picked up
  • Players can then add to the drop party by clicking the sign ( 'partycraft.dropparty.add')
  • Any item can be entered unless you have blocked it.
  • The time for any item can be changed
  • Can auto repeat
  • Items can be displayed as other items so people don't know what their getting

Update Checking

  • This plugin will check for updates but will not download any update for you
  • You can disable update checking through the config.yml if you wish


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