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  2. PartlyFancy v3 Configuration #
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  1. How to configure PartlyFancy
  2. 1. Do not use TABs, use spaces. TABs causes a parsing error with Bukkit.
  3. 2. Keep options at 'true' -or- 'false' -not- 'on' -or- 'off'
  4. 3. If an error is discovered in the config.yml, back it up, delete the file original file, and regenerate a new file by reloading the plugin.
  6. Information for the plugin
  7. 1. If PartlyFancy downloads an update, to not reload, restart completely with /stop
  8. 2. Before posting bug reports make sure it is not a user configuration error
  9. 3. Before posting bug reports make sure the server is running on, at least, Java 8.
  10. 4. PartlyFancy has the license of GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  11. 5. PartlyFancy's project page is:
  1. For MultiWorld Support multi-world-support: enable: false show-plugin-messages-in-disabled-worlds: false disable-plugin-in-worlds: - WORLDS_TO_DISABLE_PARTLYFANCY_HERE
  1. Prefixes
  2. %prefix-effect% is replaced with any effect in associated with the message. prefixes: plugin: '&9&lPartlyFancy >>&7 ' rotation: '&9&lRotations >>&7 ' spiral: '&9&lSpirals >>&7 ' crossing: '&9&lCrossings >>&7 ' forcefield: '&9&lForcefield >>&7 ' trail: '&9&lTrails >>&7 ' spike: '&9&lSpike >>&7 ' wardrobe: '&9&lWardrobe >>&7 ' gadgets: '&9&lGadgets >>&7 ' pets: '&9&lPets >>&7 ' morphs: '&9&lMorphs >>&7 '
  1. Enable/Disable particles. particle-effects: ingore-multiworld: false particle-effects: sparks: true redstone: true note: true heart: true crit: true magiccrit: true smoke: true water-drop: true lava-drop: true happy-villager: true angry-villager: true slime: true flame: true
  1. Enable/Disable gadgets. gadgets: ignore-multiworld: false gadgets: enderbow: true jetpack: true trampoline: true cowboy: true wizard: true
  1. Enable/Disable pets and certain types of pets. pets: ignore-multiworld: false disable-in-worlds: - PUT_WORLD_HERE particles: enable: true particle: REDSTONE pets: skeleton: true spider: true witch: true creeper: true iron-golem: true cave-spider: true pig: true sheep: true cow: true chicken: true zombie: true zombie-pigman: true horse: true ocelot: true tamed-ocelot: true wolf: true tamed-wolf: true polar-bear: true
  1. Enable/Disable morphs and certain types of morphs. morphs: ignore-multiworld: false disable-in-worlds: - PUT_WORLD_HERE morphs: skeleton: true spider: true witch: true creeper: true iron-golem: true cave-spider: true pig: true sheep: true cow: true chicken: true zombie: true zombie-pigman: true horse: true ocelot: true tamed-ocelot: true wolf: true tamed-wolf: true polar-bear: true
  1. Message Configuration
  2. Error messages and extended log messages are in English
  3. For more info on messages check this link: messages:
    1. Effect Messages activated-effect: '%prefix-effect% &7You activated the %effect%!' stop-activated-effect: '%prefix-plugin% &7You deactivated your current effect!' not-using-effect: '%prefix-plugin% &cYou are not using an effect!' particle-disabled: '%prefix-plugin% &cThis particle is disabled on this server.'
    2. Gadget Messages activated-gadget: '%prefix-gadgets% &7You activated the %gadget%!' stop-activated-gadget: '%prefix-plugin% &7You deactivated your current gadget!' not-using-gadget: '%prefix-plugin% &cYou are not using a gadget!' gadget-slot-taken: '%prefix-gadgets% &cSlot %slot% is taken in your hotbar!' gadget-disabled: '%prefix-plugin% &cThis gadget is disabled on this server!' gadget-enderbow-wait: '%prefix-gadgets% &cWait till your last arrow lands!' gadget-wizard-wait: '%prefix-gadgets% &cWait for it to cooldown!'
    3. Wardrobe Messages wardrobe-not-wearing: '%prefix-wardrobe% &cYou are not wearing the %type%!' wardrobe-put-on: '%prefix-wardrobe% &7You put on the %type%!' wardrobe-take-off: '%prefix-wardrobe% &7You have taken off your %type%!' wardrobe-slot-taken: '%prefix-wardrobe% &cYour %type% slot is taken. Remove your current %type% to put this on!'
    4. Pet Messages activated-pet: '%prefix-pets% &7You activated the %type% pet!' stop-using-pet: '%prefix-pets% &7You deactivated your current pet!' set-pet-name: '%prefix-pets% &7Name changed to %name%!' not-using-pet: '%prefix-pets% &cYou do not have a pet active!'
    5. Morph Messages activated-morph: '%prefix-morphs% &7You activated the %morph% morph!' stop-using-morph: '%prefix-morphs% &7You deacvtivated your current morph!' not-using-morph: '%prefix-morphs% &cYou are not using a morph!' morphs-unavailable: '%prefix-morphs% &cThis morph is currently unavailable.'
    6. Miscellaneous Messages partlyfancy-disabled: '%prefix-plugin% &cPartlyFancy is disabled in this world!' no-permission: '%prefix-plugin% &cYou do not have permission to this!' no-such-command: '%prefix-plugin% &cThat command does not exist!' config-reloaded: '%prefix-plugin% &7All configuration has been reloaded!' leave-fancy-region: '%prefix-plugin% &7You left the Fancy Region, all cosmetics disabled!' enter-fancy-region: '%prefix-plugin% &7You entered the Fancy Region, all cosmetics reenabled!' not-in-fancy-region: '%prefix-plugin% &cYou can not use that outside of the Fancy Region!' wiped-own-cosmetics: '%prefix-plugin% &7You have wiped your cosmetics!' wiped-others-cosmetics: '%prefix-plugin% &7You have wiped %player% cosmetics!' other-wiped-cosmetics: '%prefix-plugin% &7%wiped_player% has wiped your effects!'
  1. Worlds using Fancy Region
  2. Fancy Region allows you to specify areas where PartlyFancy can be used.
  3. Anywhere out of these areas, players are unable to use anything from PartlyFancy.
  4. If a world does not have a region, but is contained within the list below, no players will be able to use PartlyFancy.
  5. This option is very helpful Faction servers fancy-region-worlds: - WORLD_TO_ENABLE_FANCY_REGION
  1. Fancy Item for doing "/fancy inv' from an item. fancy-item: enable: true
  1. This saves players' effects, gadgets, and etc. on disable.
  2. On enable, and join, players will automatically activate the effects, gadgets, and etc. from their last session. player-info: save: true save-to: id
  1. Extend log info for debugging.
  2. (Helps to find errors) extend-log: false
  1. Enable/Disable plugin messages.
  2. If true, players will recieve messages such as 'You activated a particle effect!' plugin-messages: true
  1. Enable/Disable the Auto-Updater auto-updater: enable: true download: true
  1. Metrics is a inner java class sending various server information to display on
  2. None of the data sent and retrieved is harmful and is anonymous on the website
  3. This is helpful to see how many players are enjoying PartlyFancy :D metrics: true
  1. Config version (Do not change)
  2. Changing will result in reset of the config.yml config-version: 0.0.1


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