Parties v2.0.4


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    Nov 25, 2017
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9
  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


Welcome to the new Parties 2.0.4!

There are a lot of changes! Firstly I wanna thanks everyone that believe in my plugin.


Someone asked me to implement Bungeechat, PvPManager or MythicMobs support, this is the answer:
I spoke with the developer of BungeeChat to fix that bug (party message sent with party chat on are sent to the global chat too, unfortunately I can't fix that because BungeeChat is a Bungeecord plugin so he receives the message before me and it can't check if it's a party message (performance issues).


About PVPManager and MythicMobs, has passed some months since my mail to the developers to work together to make their plugins work with mine, but no one replied to me. I have been waiting a long time and I don't like that kind of support, so I decided to drop that Parties addon. I can tell you just a thing, if you wanna use this plugin maybe you should try an alternative to these, CombatLogX for example (it supports Parties).


I invite you all to look at the new GitHub page and the wiki, the wiki has been reworked!


Parties 2.0.4:

  • Fixed EssentialsChat placeholders colors
  • Debug: improved database debug calls


Parties 2.0.3:

  • Fixed API
    • Method: createParty


Parties 2.0.2:

  • Fixed spy system
    • Correctly formatted
    • Data save on file fixed
  • Fixed kick command
    • Now you can kick an offline player


Parties 2.0.1:

  • Improved updater system
    • Checks for updates every 24 hours
  • Fixed accept command
  • Fixed key size on SQL database
    • Now you can set the size of varchars
    • Same for the log table
  • Fixed messages printed two times


Parties 2.0.0:

  • New API for developers!
    • Removed old methods
    • New methods
    • Added support for events handling
  • New kick system
    • Now you can kick unknown players
    • You can choose who kick when there are homonyms
    • Display last login date, last name used on the server or the new MC username
  • New SQL system
    • Better performance
    • A correct approach to the database
    • Implemented a system to easily update the database (same for the normal database)
  • Added a new command: teleport
    • Teleport your partymates to you
    • New Permission: parties.teleport
  • Added tab support
    • Now you can tab to write party commands
    • Permission based
  • Added cooldown to chat
    • Set a cooldown to send a party message
    • Rank bypass allowed
  • Added login & logout notifications
  • Added a permission to bypass rank restrictions:
    • New permission: parties.admin.rankbypass
    • Now you can edit other parties (like fixed ones)
  • Added an option to speak colored into the party chat
  • Removed PEX & GroupManager support
    • LuckPerms is better ;)
    • Useless to handle, you can get the same placeholders via PlaceholderAPI
    • Use: %vault_rank% instead of %group%
  • Removed DeluxeChat support
    • Useless because Parties already hook into PlaceholderAPI
  • Improved player handler system
    • Greatly improved performances
    • Unload players and parties upon leave
  • Improved log system
    • Better console integration
    • Better SQL support
    • New option to print messages on the console
  • Improved rename command
    • Now the leader can rename his party (party rank based)
    • Admins can still use rename command for other parties
    • Greatly improved performance
  • Improved none database
    • Reworked, everything should works now
  • Improved spy system
    • Improved performance
    • Fixed colors bug
    • Spy messages doesn't appear anymore into the console (printing 2 times the same thing)
    • New format
  • Improved addons handler
    • Now you can see if Parties fails to hook into a plugin
  • Improved vault integration (removed Vault chat)
    • Removed Vault chat integration, you can use PlaceholderAPI placeholders
    • Now you can correctly use every placeholder of Vault (thanks to PlaceholderAPI)
    • Improved price system
    • New commands supported: join, teleport, claim
  • Improved list command
    • Improved performance
    • Now it loads offline parties
    • You can see every party that exists
  • Improved password system
    • You can't see anymore the password through the console
    • Commands join and password are hidden
  • Improved updater system
    • It starts when the server finishes to load (better performance, no impact to the server boot time)
    • Now it works with strange versions (developments builds)
    • Doesn't alert anymore when it finds an older version
  • Improved bStats statistics
    • Added new charts: exp, vault, tag, api
  • Improved censor system
  • Improved help page system
  • Improved GriefPrevention support
  • Improved config.yml and messages.yml
  • Improved Parties code, tons of code cleanup
  • Fixed option to change database file name
  • Fixed player cannot damage himself due to friendly fire
  • Fixed Dynmap errors if it isn't hooked
  • Fixed command reload that doesn't reload ranks