ParticleDemo - Play around with particle effects!

Brief description

ParticleDemo is a small plugin which was designed as a tool for developers who want to work with my ParticleEffect Library. With this plugin you can easily test how particle effects look ingame.

Commands & Permissions

/particle namesDisplays a list of all particle effect namesparticledemo.use
/particle display <name> <offsetX> <offsetY> <offsetZ> <speed> <amount> <range> [id:data]Displays a normal particle effect with the specified parameters (uses player as center)particledemo.use
/particle displaycolor <name> <red:green:blue/note> <range>Displays a specific colored particle (uses players head as center)particledemo.use
/particle displaydirection <name> <vectorX> <vectorY> <vectorZ> <amount> <range>Displays a particle which flies into a certain direction (uses player as center)particledemo.use
/particle help [page]Displays a help pageNone

(You can also use random as a value for the offset parameters)
Aliases: /particledemo and /pd


The source can be found right here!

ParticleEffect Library

If you want to use it you need to copy the ParticleEffect class and the ReflectionUtils class into your project. See my forum post for usage examples and help.

Bugs? Errors? Problems? New Ideas?

If you find any bug/error send me a message or post a comment, please! You can also send me any ideas you have for this plugin.


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