Do you want a creative and survival server? Are you having trouble keeping them separated? PartialCreative creates a new hybrid gamemode for controlled inventory management. Players in this mode have a separate inventory that they cannot drop, stash in blocks, or otherwise leak into the world. While in this mode players are also given a set of permission nodes set in the config (for example essentials.kit.partialcreative).


  • Put the partialcreative.jar file in your /plugins folder
  • Start your server
  • edit the new config.yml in your new /plugins/PartialCreative folder
  • restart your server (or reload partialcreative with plugman)


  • Vault


  • /pcm (toggles you between partialcreative mode and non-partialcreative mode)


  • partialcreative.toggle (lets you use /pcm)


  • Denies item drop, open inventory, and item pickup for pc mode players
  • Grants pc mode players a configurable list of permissions (in config.yml)
  • Blocks damage to and from players in pc mode

Note: In an effort to keep this plugin as lightweight (it is very very lightweight) as possible, I do not store player's partialcreative inventory. Therefore if you restart your server, it will not remember your partialcreative inventory.

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