Tutorial: Home/Part 3: Configuring a course

Creating an AutoStart

It is super easy to create an AutoStart pressure plate that will trigger the joining of a course, instead of using the traditional Join signs.
Stand where you would like the AutoStart location to be, and enter /pa setautostart (course) which will create a configurable block below you, and a pressure plate on top.AutoStart block

Creating a Join Item

When a player joins a course you are able to give them an item which they can use throughout the course. An example could be an Elytra to help navigate the course, instead of relying on a chest / another plugin.
This is achieved by entering /pa setjoinitem (course) (material) (amount) an example could be /pa setjoinitem tutorial ELYTRA 64

Join item example

Set Maximum Deaths

You are able to limit the amount of deaths a player can accumilate before they are kicked off the course for extra challenge. An example could be a quick challenging course that allows the player just 1 life to complete.
This is achieved by entering /pa setmaxdeath (course) (amount).

Creating a custom lobby

Parkour can allow courses to be split into different lobbys, which could be used to add stages to the server, for example easy, medium and hard courses. This is made easy by entering /pa setlobby (name)


Once submitted, the lobby will be joinable by all players.


If you wish to create a lobby that is restricted to only certain players, this can be achieved using Parkour Levels, which we will cover in the Administration tutorials. This will enforce the player to reach a certain level in the courses to be able to join the lobby, for example completing all the courses in the easy lobby to be able to join the hard lobby. This is achieved by providing a minimum Parkour level required to join.

This is done by providing a level parameter to the command: /pa setlobby (name) (level)


Once submitted, the lobby will be joinable by players with the required Parkour level.


To teleport to the lobby, simply enter /pa lobby (name)

Linking a Course after completion

We can change what happens to a player after they complete a course; They can either be teleported to the default lobby, a custom lobby, or join straight into a new course. Firstly, we must select a course to decide the outcome, this is achieved by entering /pa select (course)

After we have created a custom lobby, we can link this course to teleport us to this lobby once we complete the course, this is achieved with the following command /pa link lobby (lobby name)



If we want to link a course to another course, the command becomes /pa link course (course name)



If you want to remove the link, simply enter /pa link reset which will result in the player being teleported to the default lobby.

Course Prizes

You can reward the player several ways after they complete a course, this can be configured by starting the Prize conversation which is initiated by entering /pa prize (course)

This will start a conversation of what you want the prize to be, these can be stacked meaning you can have all options happen when the player finishes a course.


This was made to be as simple as possible, breaking the stages up so you answer each question with what you want. Follow each conversation as demonstrated below:


You can provide the player with a Material for completing the course, and you can specify the amount.

Once the player completes the course, the item and amount will be inserted into their inventory after their original inventory is restored.



You are able to execute multiple commands when a player completes the course, (as of Parkour v5.0), simply choose the "command" option and it will ask you for the command to execute. Note that these commands will be run by the server, so will have elevated permission to run anything. 

You can use the placeholder %PLAYER% to insert the players name at execution, it will have to be exactly that or it will not be recognized by the plugin. As a basic example I have set the command prize to "give %PLAYER TORCH 10" when they complete, the plugin will give you the option to run the command to test to see if it works correctly, by inserting your name into the placeholder.

You can see that once I entered 'yes', it executed the command which gave the player 10 torches, make sure you use %PLAYER% exactly so it replaces that with the actual players name.

You will be able to run this conversation as many times as you want to create a list of commands that get executed once a player completes the course.


You can give the player Minecraft XP when they complete the course, which is as simple as entering a positive number into the conversation.

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