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About Parkour

Parkour allows you to create unlimited courses, each with unlimited checkpoints, while tracking time and the amount of deaths. Parkour can easily integrate and be fully customised to work well with any server. 

Whether you are setting the plugin up as a minigame, or as a dedicated Parkour server, the configuration will allow you to choose exactly how you want the plugin to work. A 'ParkourKit' is a set of customisable Materials which will add a whole new level of fun to each course.

Parkour uses a database to store all the leaderboards for each course, allowing for powerful and customisable results. By default, the plugin will create a SQLite database locally in the plugins folder, in a folder named 'sqlite-db', however if you wish to use a MySQL server of your choice, this can be configured in the config.yml.

Beginning steps

It is recommended to create a world dedicated for the Parkour plugin, although it does have multi-world support. Once you have your world chosen, create an area where the players can choose which course to join. When you are happy, stand where you want the lobby to be saved and enter /pa setlobby. This only needs to be done once! 

Whenever you want to teleport to the Parkour lobby, enter /pa lobby. By default, this is where players are teleported to when they complete or leave a course. We can create different lobbies which have different locations and requirements, which will be covered later in the tutorials.

You should now have the latest version of Parkour installed, and have a Parkour lobby created.

Command Help

To display the Parkour commands menu, enter /pa cmds which will bring up the available command menus.

Commands Menu

To display a specific menu, enter the corresponding value you want, i.e. /pa cmds 1 

Command Menu 1

If you want to understand more information about a command, you can enter /pa help (command) which will display everything you need to know, i.e. /pa help join

Join Help Command

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