So what is "Parkour" mode?

Parkour mode is when you join a course you have created, by either joining it via a Parkour join sign or by using the command /pa join. Remember you can also enable Parkour mode by using /pa test, although this will simulate being in a generic Parkour course, and not the course you're editing. (Checkpoints & finish don't do anything etc)

How do the databases work?

A database is required to store all the leaderboards for each course, as well as some other information the plugin needs. By default the plugin will create an SQLite database, which is local to the server. If you want to find / edit the database, you will need to find an appropriate SQLite editor, I recommend this.

You can configure the plugin to connect to your own MySQL server by editing the sql options found in the config.yml, restart the server and check the logs to see if any errors appeared.

Every time I join a course it says "You fell" ?

This is because you have set the floor of the start to a death block, default being stonebrick. You can either change the floor to a different block, or remove that death block from the ParkourKit.

I have PVPArena installed

So you'll want to change /pa in Parkour to something else to avoid collision; Go into your plugins folder and find the Parkour.jar, open it with WinRAR or similar, find "plugin.yml", double click it and it will open a text editor, preferably Notepad++, then find "pa:" and change it to "pkr:", click save, close, and allow WinRAR to update the Archive. Restart server and you're all set!

Can I reward money?

Yes, easily. You will need Vault & a compatible economy plugin installed first (I used iConomy). In the config.yml set "Use.Economy" to true, if not already. Restart the server, if everything went well it will display "[Parkour] Linked with Economy (version)", if not, it will say it tried to link but failed with a reason.
Once the plugins are linked, go into the server and enter the command "/pa economy recreate", this will add all the courses that are on the server to the newly created economy.yml file.

Now you can use the economy commands to reward a player for completing a course, as well as charge a fee to the player for joining a course, if you wish. "/pa econ setprize (course) (amount)"

Got a question that isn't answered above?

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