What is ParentalLock?

ParentalLock is a Bukkit plugin designed to allow server-admins to create their own chain commands, as well as put confirmations on commands.

With it, you can create your own commands in the config with their own permissions. These commands can then run as many other commands at once as you want.

As well as this, you can also put confirmation messages on commands, making players confirm their command input. This works for any commands in the game!

Current Features (v1.3 - Bukkit 1.8.* builds):

  • Create your own chain-commands via the config with as many sub-commands as you want!
  • Overwrite existing commands with your own
  • Add confirmation messages to any command
  • Use custom permissions for your chain commands
  • Allow players to bypass confirmation for a command with plock.bypass.<CommandName>
  • Use <player> in commands to use the player's name
  • Pass arguments from the ingame command to the config commands using <> tags
  • Reload the config without stopping the server (via the /plock command)
  • Disable/enable the plugin features as needed (via the /plock command)
  • Run commands as console - skipping permissions checks

How to Use

Throw ParentalLock in your plugins folder and run the server. A configuration file will be generated for you. Open this configuration file with any text editor, and follow the guidelines inside.

Run /plock reload, and your new commands will take place immediately

Example config command:

## This is the command name and arguments. "PlockLol" is the command. if you follow the command with an underscore, you can then add arguments. The names of the arguments don't matter, as long as you put them between angle brackets: <>
    ConfirmMessage: "Lol?"
## This is the message to give people when asking them to confirm their command
    Permission: "plock.command"
## This is the permission node required to use the command
    PermissionMessage: "Lol. No."
## This forces all commands below to run as an Operator, instead of using the player's permissions
    RunAsConsole: true
## This is the message to give to people who don't have the permission when they try.
## This notes the start of your sub-command list.
    - "me is a giant <arg1>, seriously, a <arg2>"
## A subcommand line. put in your arguments from the command name line where-ever you want.
    - "me is serious. Really."
## Another subcommand line. Note that the arguments are optional

Config Variables

DebugEnabled: Turn debugging on/off. Debugging adds more information to the console while the plugin is operating

GracePeriod: The amount of time (in seconds) that your players have to confirm a command

ConfirmCommands: Set this to false to disable all command confirmations that this plugin handles


The plugin runs entirely off the /plock command. Simply typing /plock will give you information on the plugin, as well as the available sub-commands.

Current sub-commands are:

/plock help - List information about other sub commands

/plock reload - reload the plugin from the configuration file

/plock enable - If the plugin was disabled previously, this re-enables it.

/plock disable - Disables the features of this plugin

/plock debug - Toggle debugging until next server restart


Feedback is very much appreciated!

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