Palm Populator

Palm Populator


This plugin adds the best tree in our real world into your Minecraft world, because Notch did not add it into Minecraft without this plugin. This plugin allows you to choose multiple worlds in which palm trees are added to deserts and will densely populate beaches. Palm trees are generated similar to other trees, they are not always exactly the same and will vary in height, amount of hay at the top, (If you've seen a real palm tree, they do have that thick hay-like part near the top... =P) and the structure of their leaves. Installing this plugin is very simple, and configuring worlds can be done in-game with commands.


  • /palm help - Take a guess, genius
  • /palm reload - Reloads config.yml
  • /palm add <world> - Palm trees will begin to generate in new chunks in the specified world, or if the world does not yet exist, it will be entirely populated by palm trees when it is created.
  • /palm remove <world> - Palm trees will no longer be generated in new chunks in the specified world


  • palmpopulator.admin - Access to all PalmPopulator commands

To Do

  • Add cocoanuts onto palm trees
  • Create a way for players to grow palm trees Palm Tree


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