Every player in the PaintWar arena has a random wool color, when you move you will "paint" a circle of colored wool on the ground. During the game you can get certain powerups by picking up special items, which help you or make it difficult for the others to fill an area with their color. Every game has a time limit which can be configured in the config. When the time is over, the blocks for every player are counted and the player who has painted the most blocks with his color wins the game. The winner can get a reward, which can also be configured in the arena's config! After a game is over, the floor will return to its original state.


  • Every plugin message can be customised in the language file
  • Language files have a ".txt" format which makes you able to use all characters
  • Includes language files for English and German
  • Every arena has it's own file which provides orderliness
  • Lots of funny powerups which can be disabled and customised individually
  • Up to 16 players per arena
  • Every player has his own statistics
  • Top 10 lists of the best players of every category
  • Every arena has its own protection which blocks all block damage in its region
  • Players can be awarded with money and/or items
  • Games will automatically stop and teleport players outside when the plugin reloads
  • Signs for joining arenas with a customisable label
  • Help command which explains all commands and shows details
  • AutoKick system for afk players with customisable time
  • Master permission which grants you permission to use all commands: PaintWar.*

All listed features above are always referring to the newest version of PaintWar!

PaintWar Wiki

Click here to get to the wiki page where everything of PaintWar is explained. There are also installation tutorials and more!

Upcoming features

  • More game modes like Avoid the colors etc.
  • API for creating custom powerups
  • Adding even more powerups
  • Team mode for arenas

Bugs? Errors? Problems? New ideas?

If you find any bug/error send me a message or post a comment, please! You can also send me any ideas you have for this plugin.


The source can be found right here!


Dev-Builds are available right here!


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