PaintedStone opens up a new realm of building possibilities, it finally allows you to use painted stone and cobblestone to make your buildings, allowing you to both look great, and to stay secure. The plugin adds a new stone block for every colour (except grey) that can be easily crafted.

Requires SpoutPlugin to run and SpoutCraft for players to see the blocks.

(This plugin is inspired by StainedGlass, however it uses entirely different and original source code.)


Add more coloured blocks: Obsidian, Brick, Stone Brick, Redstone Lanterns (Waiting for 1.2) Tweak textures Add Paintbrushes


Beta 8.1 (DEV): Fixed errors

Beta 8 (DEV): Added Obsidian support

Beta 7 (DEV): Added Wood support

Beta 6 (DEV): Added Glowstone support

Beta 5: Fixed Cobblestone recipes creating Stone

Beta 4: Added Cobblestone support

Beta 3: Changed textures

Beta 2: Added Recipes

Beta 1: Initial Release

Crafting: Simply change the center dye depending on the colour and the type of stone you want and craft!

Dev Build: The Dev Build adds Painted Glowstone, Wood and Obsidian. It requires Spout 815+ and Craftbukkit 1.1-R5+

Also all Recipes have been changed to this format:

Source Code:

Pull requests are always welcome, just follow the same formatting contained in the master branch and use recoloured default textures.


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