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To give you an overview we have listed the basic features in the following list:

  • Lobby as a central meeting place for all paintball players. Multiple spawn points inside the lobby possible.
  • Freedom of the proportions and the layout of the terrain / the arena. Easily create and manage multiple arenas. Already with 3 commands an arena is operational.
  • There is no other plugin or modification needed to play paintball! Nevertheless, we attach great importance that there occur no problems in combination with other plugins.
  • Many options to customize paintball on your server and according to your wishes. (Examples are customizeable: life per match, number of balls, points and cash per action)
  • Choose between team Red, Blue, or Random, or join the next match as a spectator
  • Each arena can have multiple spawn points per team (Red, Blue, Spectator), on which the players are arranged at match start.
  • Various statistics: It will be stored among other: points, cash, kills, deaths, hits, teamattacks, victories and defeats for each player, each arena and as a whole. In addition, hit rates and rankings for each value can be calculated.
  • Easy and individually adjustable small shop, where you can buy ammunition or other extras and power-ups with the cash earned during the matches.
  • Killfeed, countdown, automatic match start and arena rotation.
  • Coloured wool blocks as helmets for the teams to easily identify the enemy. The helmets can also be changed (even in-game).
  • The breaking of blocks, picking up and throwing away items, removal of the helmet (etc.) is blocked during a match and in the lobby.
  • Damage and starvation are also turned off in the lobby.
  • Commands from other plugins that have nothing to do with paintball, are blocked in the lobby. So player can't teleport, or use commands as a benefit. Exceptions are client-cheat-mods (I recommend NoCheat+) and Ops and people with the admin-permission. Inventories must be emptied before entering the lobby and on leaving the lobby the inventories are cleared again, so paintball and survival remain strictly separated.
  • On leaving or restarting of the server, players will be kicked from the lobby and their inventories are cleared properly.
  • Option for infinite balls and extras

Some extra stuff already implemented:

  • Grenades: Thrown eggs will explode and shoot snowballs in all directions!
  • Airstrike: You can mark a location with a stick (only you can then see this marking), which will be bombed by the bomber-chicken with deadly egg-grenades on fly-over!