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Translating Paintball

Many of the messages the Paintball plugin prints to you / your players can be changed!
In your server folder search for the folder called "/plugins/Paintball/languages/". Per default it will contain a file called "enUs.txt" which contains about 300 lines of the format:
THE_NAME_OF_THE_MESSAGE = "This is a text"

Each of these lines represent a certain message the plugin uses under certain circumstances. Color codes of the format &[the color code character] can be used. A line starting with '#' will be ignored by Paintball.

Now, if you want to change the plugins messages to, for example, translate the plugin to your language, do the following:

  • Do NOT modify the default enUS.txt file. This file is not actually used by the plugin and gets overwritten on each plugin start! If you change anything in it, these changes will simple be gone after the next plugin start!
  • Create a COPY of the default enUS.txt file and give it a new name, for example: "deDE.txt"
  • Now you can start modifying the messages in THIS file! Simple change the text between the quotation marks. Do not change the keys (usually written in uppercase letters) or otherwise change the format! Also try avoiding special characters like öäüÖÄÜß etc., otherwise Paintball might not be able to later load your file..
  • Hint: You can try to encode your translation file in "utf-8 (without BOM)" for example to allow special characters. Also remember to set the encoding inside the config "Language.File Encoding: utf-8". You will need to find out how to do that with your text editor yourself. I usually recommend using NotepadPlusPlus.
  • Hint: Some translation phrases are used on a scoreboard. These will be cut to the length of 16 characters (color codes also count as 2 characters), because Minecraft doesn't support them being longer. So you should try to make them already 16 characters long.
  • When you are done you have to tell the plugin that you want to use this new file as source of all messages instead of the default enUS.txt file. To do that open the config.yml and enter the name of your file in the entry "Language.File Name: enUS", which would then in our example look like: "Language.File Name: deDE"
  • Done! Now you have to check if Paintball can load your custom langauge file. Paintball will check if it can find all messages it needs and if it has a problem with your file. It will try to let you know if something is wrong and it will then switch back to the default messages! So definitely check the console log after trying out a new language file!
  • If it says something is wrong with your custom language file: FIRST ignore the warning and CHECK for SPECIAL CHARACTERS. Special characters can mess things up that badly that Paintball is not able to display you a correct error message..
  • Since v1.1.9 special characters are supported IF the language file is encoded in UTF-8 without BOM


Download translations

You can get translations for this plugin here:

I encourage everyone to add and edit translations there!

Other translations besides from these can be found here (most of these are encoded as utf-8):

Note that most translations are not tested by me.

Thank you to all translators!

How-To download and use these already-made translations: (these instructions are outdated :( )

  • First rule: Never edit or change the default language file (enUS.txt). This one will get overwritten everytime you reload the plugin !
  • Choose your language.
  • Choose "export" as "global strings". -> You will get a list of all text in the format: SOME_TEXT = "This is text.". Copy the whole list.
  • Create a new .txt file inside the folder "/plugins/Paintball/languages" (where the enUS.txt file is located) and paste the copied text in there.
  • You will properly have to go over the file and remove LINEBREAKS that destroy the line format: make sure that each translation line starts in a new line and ends in the same line.
  • Save the file. Additional you could save it with a special encoding like utf-8 (without BOM) (default of windows editor is ascii, which doesn't allow special characters..)
  • Tell Paintball to load your custom language file. Do that by editing the config.yml : Change "Language.File Name: enUS" to "Language.File Name: <your_file_name>". Additional you can change the encoding with which the the file shall be tried to be read there: Language.File Encoding. The default is utf-8 without BOM.
  • Reload Paintball and check the log: If something goes wrong, because your translation has mistakes, Paintball will log a warning and use the default language (enUS) instead of your translation!
  • Hint: Some servers seem to have problems with special characters like "ö, ä, ß, ü, .." . These will completly mess things up and makes it impossible for Paintball to print a proper error message about what is wrong with your translation. Should you ever get some strange error you don't understand, search first for special characters and replace them! Since version 1.1.9 you can try to get the special characters working by encoding your language file in UTF-8 without BOM. And since version 1.2.0 you can even change the encoding which paintball shall try to read your file with inside the Language config section.