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On this page you will find all the information needed to get the plugin running and your first arena ready to play.


  • Stop your server.
  • Download the latest version of Paintball here.
  • Move the .jar file into your servers plugin folder.
  • Start the server.
  • Check your log: if it loaded, it should print some information at the end of your startup log.

Setup permissions

  • There are 2 permission nodes: paintball.general - Allows playing paintball (by default all players have this permission node) and paintball.admin - Allows setting up arenas and running admin commands (by default all OPs have this permission node)
  • If you have no permissions plugin you will have to be OP in order to setup arenas and run admin commands.
  • If you use a permissions plugin you will have to take a look at how to setup permissions with that.

Creating your first playable arena

Paintball doesn't care where your arena is or how it looks like. You don't need any other plugin to setup your arena (you don't need to mark the arena with WorldEdit's wand tool, paintball won't care if you do..). You can build your arena any way you want, BUT you should make sure, that there is some sort of wall around it, in order that players can't enter or leave the arena.

Step by step:

  1. Building the arena
    Build the arena. Make sure that players can‘t get out or in (with a wall around it, for example).
  2. Give your arena a name
    You will now have to let Paintball know, that there shall be a new arena. Arenas are identified by name, so all arena names have to be unique. Run this command to inform Paintball about your new arena: /pb arena <name_of_your_arena>
  3. Add spawn points for each team
    Traditionally there are two teams, red and blue. Both teams need at least 1 spawn point. Lets go ahead and add those: go to the position you want that the players of the blue team will spawn later and set the spawn point by running this command: /pb arena <the_name_of_your_arena> blue. You can add as many spawn points as you want to your arena: Paintball will later randomly select a spawn location for each player. Repeat this step for the spawn point(s) of the red team: /pb <name_of_your_arena> red
  4. Add spawn point for the spectators
    This step is often forgotten: The arena will not be ready,before you also have set a spawn point for the spectators: /pb arena <name_of_your_arena> spec

That's it! Your arena should now be ready. You can check this by typing /pb arena <name_of_your_arena> info. It will tell you there, if you have forgotten something.
You can now add as many arenas as you want. You can get an overview over you arenas by typing /pb arena list.

However, in order to play your new arena you will need to setup a lobby.

Setting up the lobby

The lobby is the place where player meet, when they want to play paintball. A lobby can always run one match at a time. Dead players are sent back into the lobby where they have to wait for the current match end.

Just like the arenas, you can build your lobby any way you want. BUT make sure players can't leave from there, without typing the /pb leave command. Because otherwise Paintball will think that these players are still playing paintball and they will have benefits in others parts of your server, like not receiving damage etc..

You create the lobby be setting a spawn point for it:
Go to the position you want the spawn point of the lobby to be and type: /pb admin lobby spawn

Now you are done: Players can now join Paintball by typing /pb join and will will spawn at the lobby spawn point which you have just set.
They will be moved into a random team when a match starts. Alternatively they can choose a specific team by typing /pb red or /pb blue or can join matches as spectator by typing /pb spec.
They can also just hang around in the lobby without participating in matches by typing /pb lobby or /pb leave team, if they have joined a team before.
And they can also choose to again be randomly moved into a team when a match starts by typing /pb random.

The match will automatically start when there joined enough players the lobby. You can get an overview over the players in the lobby by typing /pb list.

That's it!

You are done! You have created an arena and you have set a lobby spawn point. The next step is to change the paintball config to your needs and preferences. Take a look at the configuration documentation here.
For more specific documentation about the different paintball features, you can take a look at this documentation overview here.
Below you have some usefull hints about common other problems. Have fun!

Hints about the common reported problems:

Hint: Paintball interferes with plugins that make players invisible to each other, because Paintball makes the players in the lobby visible for each other.

Hint: If you rename or delete your world, then it is very likely, that the saved locations inside this world (lobby and arena spawnpoints) are messed up. Paintball will also attempt to load or even create worlds, when it finds a saved spawnpoint in it. Therefore you will need to remove these spawn points, before your remove the world.

Hint: If the balls seem to do not hit, it's very likely that the world/server the arena is in does not have PvP enabled (set to true). PvP NEEDS to be enabled on your server and the world the arena is in, in order to be able to detect the ball hits. If you want to block PvP everywhere else, you weill have to use a plugin like WorldGuard to deny PvP everywhere else.

Hint: If the balls don't hit, but PvP is enabled and if you try to leave the lobby it says "You are not in the lobby" or you receive messages duplicated, then you probably use CommandSigns. Don't use it. It currently makes strange problems with minigames plugins (at least with paintball). You can use Paintball's built-in alternative or plugins like SimpleCommandSigns or HiddenCommandSigns. They work fine.

Hint: If you have some problem / bug or incompatibility to an other plugin, you can always look into the configuration file, if it is caused by a feature which can be disabled.