Commands and Permissions

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User commands

/pb helpDisplays the help page- paintball.general
/pb infoDisplays some information about the plugin.
/pb lobbyJoin the lobby
/pb blueJoin the blue team (*)
/pb redJoin the red team (*)
/pb random / joinYour team will be randomly chosen on every match start (*)
/pb specJoin the spectators (*)
/pb leave [team]Leave the lobby or your current team
/pb toggleToggles some paintball-messages off and on (for example: killfeed)
/pb vote [id]vote for the next arena
/pb shop [id]Buy ammunition, power-up's and extras during matches
/pb statsDisplays some of your stats
/pb rank [stat]Displays your rank in a certain category (default is points) and shows information about your paintball rank.
/pb top [stat]Displays the top 10 players of a certain category (default is points)
/pb cashDisplays your paintball money

(*) If you're not in the lobby, you will automatically join it

Admin commands

/pb adminDisplays the admin help page- paintball.admin
/pb admin reloadReloads the plugin and kicks all players out of their matches and the lobby
/pb admin softreloadReloads the plugin after the current match is finished
/pb disableToggle whether new matches are allowed or not
/pb admin lobby spawnCreates a lobby spawn point
/pb admin lobby removeRemoves the lobby spawn points
/pb admin next <arena>Tries to force the next arena
/pb admin add <player> <stat> <amount>Adds a value to specific stat of a player.
/pb admin set <player> <stat> <amount>Sets the value of a specific stat of a player.
/pb admin rank <player> [amount]Displays the players rank [gives him the points, negative values possible]
/pb admin reset <all/player> [value]Resets all / all the players stats / some specific stats of the player
/pb admin happy <time>Activates happy hour for the given time in seconds.
/pb admin gift [amount]Gives all playing players the specified amount of gifts.
/pb admin play <windrawdefeat>Plays the windrawdefeat melody for the player. Meant for testing of new melodies.

Arena commands for admins

/pb arenaDisplays the arena help page- paintball.admin
/pb arena <name>Creates a new arena
/pb arena <name> blueCreates a blue spawn point
/pb arena <name> redCreates a red spawn point
/pb arena <name> specCreates a spawn point for spectators
/pb arena <name> removeDeletes the arena
/pb arena <name> delblueDeletes the blue spawn points
/pb arena <name> delredDeletes the red spawn points
/pb arena <name> delspecDeletes the spectator spawn points
/pb arena <name> disableDisables an arena
/pb arena <name> enableEnables an arena
/pb arena info <name>Get some information on the arena
/pb arena listDisplays a list of all arenas