Paintball v1.2.3


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    Aug 23, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2
  • 1.6.1


__ (v1.2.3) __

  • Fixed: No Gravity for the sniper should now work again.
  • Fixed: Enemy mines can be shot again.
  • Fixed: The arguments for shop commands on commands signs were wrong.
  • Fixed: Teammates should no longer be able to melee attack each other.
  • Fixed: Number of Vote Options not being check if really lower then 2.
  • Fixed / Changed: Frag messages show the players concrete name instead of their display names again. This should fix many strange color bugs of frag messages.
  • Fixed / Changed: The rank prefixes can now be colored using & the character. Also, § is now converted to & in the ranks file. This should fix problems if the systems default encoding doesn't support the § character.
  • Fixed: Players not being respawned properly if inside vehicle when being fragged.
  • Fixed: Displaying "Page 1 of 1" now for arena list if there are no arenas yet.
  • Fixed: WorldMode was fixed: if WorldMode is enabled players can't join or leave the lobby via commands. Also, the teleportations when joining the lobby and leaving the lobby are skipped.
  • Changed Translation: Added some missing apostrophes to the default frag messages.
  • Changed Translation: Reordered variables in all frag messages.
  • Changed Config: Nodes for the vote options were changed.
  • Changed Config: The default for "Close Shop Menu after Purchasing" was changed to 'false'.
  • Changed Config: Nodes for the vote options were changed.
  • Changed: All container openings are now denied while being in paintball (furnaces, chests, crafting tables, ..)
  • Changed: Improved the command signs: All 3 bottom lines of the sign can now be used for the command and it's arguments.
  • Changed: It is now possible to break command signs as admin while sneaking.
  • Changed: A different message is now printed if voting ends, but nobody has voted. This is to prevent people to be confusued, when a complet different will be played as result.
  • Changed (Config) / Added: Chat message is no colorized late in the event queue. Removed "Ranks prefix only visible for paintballers" and added a setting to make all chat changes only visible for Paintballers in the chat config section.
  • Added: Turrets can now only be placed, if there is enough space for the snowman to spawn.
  • Added: Simple Hallway-Check for mines: if paintball 'thinks' (the checks are very simple, it can easily detect something as hallway, even though it isn't) the newly placed mine can block a hallway from being passable, it will block the placing of the mine. (can be en-/disabled via config if it makes problems).
  • Added: Voting for the arena names instead of the vote id is now possible: if the players vote is a number, it will interpret it as id. If not, it will search for the first vote options which suggests the arena with this name (case insensitive).
  • Added: Config setting allowing admins to bypass the shop ranks restrictions.

Translators will have to adapt the changes to the default langauge to their translation.

  • The WOOD_CLICK sound which was previously used for the shooting sound seems to no longer work (was replaced with another sound)
  • The zoom effect is much less wide, due to client "fixes" :(
  • It seems, that snowman-turret trails are cancelled on the server, but the client still sees the snowman until the player relogs.
  • Since minecraft 1.6.x there are additional item information shown. These are (currently) also shown in the new paintball item menu shop.

This version will not work on bukkit versions below 1.6.1