Paintball v1.2.0


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    Jul 23, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2
  • 1.6.1


__ (v1.2.0) __

  • Changed some default config values:
  • Set default respawns to 3
  • Highered default melee damage to 5 (instead of 1)
  • Fixed: AutoLobby mode -> locking player from joining the lobby until adding to database is finished. AutoLobby and WorldMode are automatically applied afterwards. OnEnable all online players are now added to database synchron (slower but less trouble; only done sync during onEnable) and AutoLobby / WorldMode are also assigned afterwards for them.
  • Fixed/Changed: WorldMode is now checked on login too (directly joining the paintball world on login).
  • Added different config settings for lobby and match scoreboard, so you can deactivate the match scoreboard seperately.
  • Added config setting to display the rankPrefixes only to players inside the paintball lobby. Might conflict with chatloggers / chat plugins, as the paintball players are removed from the list of recipients and get the message send via player.sendMessage(..)
  • Added frag messages depending on frag cause
  • Added langauge file encoding setting. Default utf-8 (you can play around with different encodings to get your special characters work now)
  • Added Vault rewards: player get their rewards after match end
  • Added closeShopMenuOnPurchase option which defaults to true.
  • Changed: lowered team attack and protected/blocked sound volumn
  • Added arena voting:
  • Added new command /pb vote [id]
  • Players can vote for up to 8 random arenas (configurable) and for "a random other arena" if there are other arenas (if there are more ready areans then vote options) -> vote options will be broadcasted after match at countdown start
  • Added a setting to broadcast the vote options a second time at a specified tiem of the countdown (default at 15 seconds)
  • Added a setting when the voting shall end (default to 5 seconds before countdown finishes). It will broadcast the arena / option with the most votes and will block new votes until match start.

__ (Changes in v1.1.9) __

  • Fixed: Use-XP-Bar config being located in the command blacklist config section
  • Fixed: config node being located in the airstrike section
  • Fixed: orbitalstrike-enabled setting in the config
  • Changed some default config values:
  • Highered the round time to 180 seconds
  • Changed grenade speed
  • shotgun and pumpgun bullet speeds and needed bullets
  • Changed no-gravity-time for the sniper to 3 instead of 10 seconds
  • Added some general private messaging commands to the default list of allowed commands
  • Added the new wepaons to the shop and changed some prices
  • Changed: shop config node to included information about the new (optional) rank number
  • Added new possbile items and changed some chances for the gifts
  • Default language file changed
  • Health, gamemode and inventory checks are now disabled by default. Should be stored and restored by the plugin properly.
  • Changed/Fixed: Setting the horizontal angle of the shotgun to 0 will no longer result in shooting additional balls at angle 0 anymore
  • Fixed: Airstrike and Orbitalstrike not showing up when received via gift
  • Fixed: Inventory is now closed when the player is cleared -> fixes various bugs where player were able to keep their snowballs on respawn or when being sent back to lobby
  • Fixed default translation: WEAPON_AIRSTRIKE
  • Changed: Clicks no longer have to be air-clicks only in order to trigger shooting
  • Changed: Removed version check for InSigns to allow new InSigns versions without having to update Paintball
  • Changed/Fixed: Reverted some synchronization changes which are probably related to a match-not-ending bug
  • Changed: PlayerDataStorage was completly rewritten and now restores other information as well when joining/leaving the lobby
  • Added: join delay. As health is now also stroed and restored, a timer for joining is now used to make sure that players are not fleeing from battles.
  • Changed: Player-/Arena- and General-Stats are now handled differntly internal. For example: playerstats are now chached in memory, which allows real-time stats changes (using the money earned during a match in the same match) and less database / disk access for example for the stats command. Chached stats are removed from memory when no longer needed (player left lobby)
  • Many Other Internal Changes: some new classes and packages to structure the plugin a bit better, completly rewritten weapon/gadget structure (prepares for configurable wepaon items), many small clean-ups
  • Added: Notify messages in game for admins, when a new version is available
  • Added new weapon: Flashbang (ghast tear)
  • Added new weapon: Concussion Nade (spider eye)
  • Added new weapon: Grenade Mark 2 (slimeball)
  • Added: VoteListener for Votifier -> gives your players paintball cash for voting
  • Added: some more and new sounds, and also changed some sounds (shoot sounds for example)
  • Changed: some sounds can now be heard globally (if players are near to the sounds source)
  • Added/Changed: Random arena selection -> the next arena is now picked randomly (old arena rotation can be enabled via config)
  • Added: Rank signs and InSigns rank signs
  • Changed: Permission for creating InSigns signs is now the paintball.admin permission
  • Changed: Lowered sign-click update timer (sign clicks will only be handled in that speed to prevent sign-click spamming) from 500 to 250 ms
  • Fixed: snowman-turret spawning should now longer be cancleable by other plugins
  • Changed: Snowman-Turrets handle damage as hit now and event is cancelled then
  • Added: warnings during Paintball start are now additional listed in the Paintball info text in the console
  • Changed: players are now only teleported back to their spawn location during the match start countdown, if they acutally moved -> less "shaky"
  • Fixed: Mine placed on grass has flower in it (keeps data of the replaced block)
  • Changed/Fixed: Miney now remember and restore the replaced block
  • Changed: players are now able to throw snowballs while being in the lobby
  • Added: Ranks -> armor in the lobby and chat prefix while playing paintball, and added to shop, that a player needs a certain rank to be able to purchase a certain item (number 0 means "lowest rank needed")
  • Added: rank up (and down) notifications
  • Added: rank information to the /pb rank command
  • Added: colored chat name option, to color the chatname instead of the message while playing paintball and chatting
  • Added/Try: Extinguish players if damage is cancelled
  • Fixed: Level now at 0 and not at 1 when countdown finishes and no match starts
  • Fixed: triggering shooting when walking over pressure plates
  • Added: simple command signs -> put "[Paintball]" (can be changed via config) on first sign row and a command (all commands work, not only paintball commands), for example "pb join" on the next row on the sign. Colorcodes should be ignored when the clicked sign is checked
  • Added: the command sign also supports pb shop commands -> you can disable the normal shop via a new config option and settup shop command signs in your arena, to only allow certain weapons in that arena
  • Changed: encoding of the language file parser now set to UTF-8, so if your custom language file is encoded in utf-8 (without BOM) it should be able to read it, even with special characters in it
  • Added: Shop-Item-Menu (fast and easy paintball shopping!) which can be accessed via a book in the inventory, given on each spawning during matches. The item menu should also support pages, if you settup a giant paintball shop with lots of goods. Items of amounts higher than 64 are displayed as amount 1.
  • Added: arena list command now display the arenas in pages and accepts a page number. Good for browsing thorugh lots of arenas.
  • Added: aliases for /pb cash (/pb money) and /pb toggle (/pb feed)
  • Added: scoreboards to lobby and match, showing playerstats in lobby and match stats during matches. No config options to change, what is displayed, yet. Only a config option to disable the scoreboards completly.
  • Changed: Version check now can differ if the used version is higher or lower than the official one.
  • Fixed: a bug, when players leave during the match start countdown, he was teleported back into the arena before.
  • Changed: round start coiuntdown is now skipped, if the countdowns time is set to 0
  • Fixed: Hanging entities (paintings, item frames) are no longer destroyed by paintball projectiles
  • Changed: Only the one used language pack is now stored in ram. Before, the default AND the custom translation were stored.
  • Changed: Paintballs and other gadgets now spawn slightly right of the players head. Makes it look nicer.
  • The WOOD_CLICK sound which was previously used for the shooting sound seems to no longer work (was replaced with another sound)
  • The zoom effect is much less wide, due to client "fixes" :(
  • It seems, that snowman-turret trails are cancelled on the server, but the client still sees the snowman until the player relogs.
  • Since minecraft 1.6.x there are additional item information shown. These are (currently) also shown in the new paintball item menu shop.

This version will not work on bukkit versions below 1.6.1